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hello everyone :)

I shouldn't be doing this (because I got so many other books to write/update, which I never do yikes..), but I decided to make this book in relation to my favourite show, The Vampire Diaries!

So basically, I'll just be giving you some tips on how to write tvd fanfics. I'll also be including The Originals & Legacies because I love them also!

I know some people can find it difficult to write tvd/to fanfics because they're such complex shows, but I'm here to help!

Fair warning; I am not an expert!! Sure, I've been watching tvd/to for a long time, but I'm no expert. I know quite a bit about the show, but that doesn't make me an expert on the subject, okay?

Also, I am not trying to single anybody out here. So if you feel singled out, that was not my intention.

Another side note; you do not have to do as I say. I'm simply just giving suggestions. Please keep that in mind.

Thank you, & happy reading!

The request page is in the next chapter, so head on over!! :)

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