Chapter 7

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She was fired!

She was bloody fired without any explanation and she knew who was behind it!!

Niyati had always believed herself to be a peace-loving person but right now she could happily murder Uday Rajvansh. Why was he after her life like this? What will he get by depriving her of a job, of self-respect? What? Mere ten days old employee, she couldn't even challenge her boss when he claimed that she and the agency were after all, not a good fit. Not a good fit? Only yesterday he was praising her efficiency and office skills to the moon and back. She was a fool to assume that Uday Rajvansh would leave her alone. Nobody, absolutely nobody, was allowed to come between him and his perceived victory in the upcoming elections and her job was apparently not conducive to his plans. But she was not going to take this atrocity lying down. He will have to get her job back.

She marched into the dining area of Rajvansh Vilas where Uday Rajvansh was having a leisurely late breakfast while engrossed in a newspaper, with a tall glass full of a green colored drink in his other hand. Gulal Singh stood a few paces behind him, while other servants hovered around. This time, Niyati was not concerned about the spectators herself.

"Why did you get me fired?" she accused outright.

Uday Rajvansh looked up from his newspaper, studied her for a moment, expertly folded the large print paper with one hand, set it aside and asked, "What do you think?"

So he wasn't even going to deny it. A frisson of fear slithered down Niyati's spine. In a very remote corner of her heart, she'd hoped that it wasn't Uday Rajvansh who had gotten her fired, because what does it say about his clout if he had her easily removed from her employment in between the time when the agency closed for business and reopened for the day? But she was like a helpless cornered animal right now and she couldn't help snapping, "Because you're a sadist?"

That made the man glare at her. "Take a seat, Niyati," he ordered while sipping his drink.

"No, thank you. But I would take my job back."

"It is not being offered back."

If looks could kill, this branch of Rajvansh line would have gone extinct on the spot. Preferably while violently choking on a weird green colored beverage!

"I say you offer it back, Mr. Rajvansh, or else I am going to the press," Niyati used the only weapon she had in her arsenal.

"Are you threatening me?"


"I don't take to threats very well, Niyati."

"Do I look like I care, Mr. Rajvansh? You are taking my livelihood away. There is nothing more important as far as I am concerned. You and your election can go rot for all I care!"

Uday studied the girl in a new light today. The job was really important to her it seems. And it should be, he conceded. He had had a busy night. He was no jeweler but he knew the difference between fake and real jewelry and all the jewelry she had returned was authentic. Every single item of clothing along with every little knick-knack she had received as wedding trousseau had been handed back as well. He had faxed the note she had written to his lawyer and he had assured him of its eligibility in court in case they have to present it there. He had brainstormed every possible avenue with Gulal Singh and both of them had come up the conclusion that she had indeed disowned every last penny she could have gotten from them. Was she genuinely indifferent to all this wealth? If he had been nursing a secret hope of her trying to fry a bigger fish by endearing her to himself, this threat of going to the press took care of it too. She, of all people, knew how touchy he was to any prospect of negative publicity right now. And she had openly, and mighty bitterly if he wasn't wrong, attacked his weakest spot.

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