1. I'm Luhan, call me?

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Sitting in the back seat of the bus at 9 in the evening was all Minhee had been doing right after finishing her work at the hospital, these past 2 months. Yeah, she was new at her work. But, so far, she loved it anyway. She loved children, and pediatrician was just the best job for her.

As boring as it could be when you sat alone in the bus, all Minhee could do was just listening to the music - her earbuds were on, and checking up on her phone in case someone's left a message or something. But then a scene in front of her was distracting. Her phone was neglected instantly.

"Mom! I'll take Kyungsoo oppa to meet you soon. I'm so excited to introduce him to you and dad!" A girl sitting in the seat right in front of Minhee squealed with her girly dolphin voice. She couldn't careless of how world might judge her. She was a girl in love, indeed.

"Oh! He is definitely my style, mom! You won't be disappointed. He is a talk-less-do-more type. Seriously, he is too fabulous to describe. I really want to marry him, mom. What should I do?" The girl sounded so desperate talking about her boy to her mom, Minhee was really bemused with it. This evening bus ride was much more interesting than the other days before. Fresh yet free entertainment was there.

"Really? You will arrange for my marriage soon? Aaahhh! Mom! You are the best! Alright then, see you mom. Can't wait to come back home with Kyungsoo oppa!"

Oops! The entertainment was ended too soon.Well, Minhee had to go back to her phone then. So, she checked her notification and there she finally found some new messages. As expected, all of them were just from her mom. And most of them just the reminding for her to eat on time and to rest well. But still, those messages were precious. Even though she couldn't speak to her mom excitedly like the girl from before, to think that her busy mom working as a merchant all day could spare her time to contact her daughter was really something to be grateful for. Minhee was happy just with that.

After a bus stopped for a shortwhile, three girls wearing business attire - perhaps they worked in a company, were entering the bus. They kept chattering on just about everything. Noisy? That was for sure. If all people there were not too tired to argue after long hours of working, those girls might be kicked out of the bus. Really bothersome. However, it wasn't for Minhee. Those girls were her new entertainment to kill the time. So, she watched them talking all along.

"Girls! Guess what?" A black-haired girl suddenly stood up from her seat.

"What?" The other two girls gave her the boring look.

"Baekhyun proposed to me today! Yayyy!" The girl exclaimed. Her eyes were bright, full with imaginary fireworks.

"Oh my god! For real?" The first friend of her seemed to be so surprised. She cupped her mouth, perhaps resisting herself from squealing.

However, reacted differently to the news, the second friend just rolled her eyes and said, "So, he is a man, huh? Never thought he could do that." But, it's clear that she was happy for her friend.

"Look at my ring, girls!"

"Aaaaa! Seriously! Congratulations! Oh my god! Which dress should I wear to your wedding?"

"Just buy the new one. Your wardrobe is full of shabby gowns. I know it."

"Hey! They are not shabby! You are shabby!"

"Owh, I'm not. I got a boyfriend. But you?"

"I just haven't met the right guy! I'm not shabby, you broccoli hair!"

"What? You dare cursing my new hair style, huh?"

"Hey! Stop it you guys! We are on the bus! Everybody's watching!"

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