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(Mark's POV)

I had fallen back asleep last night on the floor, below Jack, after taking care of my 'problem'. Thank god Jack only thought it was my phone.

Felix had woke everyone up by turning on the TV and starting to watch his favorite show, Lucifer.

He apologized countless times, but none of us really cared except for Marzia.

"Felix, I was sleeping peacefully after watching a killer clown tear kids apart, and you just ruined that." She mumbled.

"I said I'm sorry! Do you want me to go to Starbucks and get you some coffee and donuts to make up for it?"

(if starbucks don't serve donuts, just pretend okay? okay.)

Marzia's face lit up immediately. "You might as well get everyone something there, then. You did wake everyone up, not just me."

Felix rolled his eyes, but pulled out his phone and turned to all of us. "Ok, Wade what do you want?"

"Just a glazed donut. I hate coffee."


"Chocolate frosted donut with a Carmel Mocha."


"I'll just have a vanilla bean Frappuccino."


"Vanilla bean Frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso."


"Carmel Frappuccino with two extra shots of espresso, and a glazed donut."

"Ok! I'm off, please nobody destroy the house while I'm gone." Felix yelled while throwing on his coat and walking out the front door.

"Did he really just throw on a furry coat when it's Spring?" I laughed.

"More importantly, he's shirtless and is wearing baggy pajama pants that have Pikachu on them." Jack added.

We all laughed, sitting up on the couch and watching the TV, which currently had Lucifer playing on it.

"Felix has watched this episode so many times. And that's just when I'm here, I'm sure he watches it alone!" Marzia chuckled.

"How was the ending of IT?" Bob asked. We all turned and stared at him.

"I don't know, how did you like it?" I mumbled.

"Oh it was great! I loved it, I fell asleep right when the credits hit though. You know what's funny? All throughout the ending, I was quietly talking to Felix. It's funny because I was talking to him quietly while all you lazy asses were asleep!" Bob yelled.

Marzia started laughing, while Wade looked hurt. "Hey! I was tired, and I thought it was starting to get boring!" Wade exclaimed.

"Boring? I'm pretty sure I passed out because of how scared I was!" I laughed.

"You got scared?" Jack teased.

"Hey! At least I didn't jump into you're arms!" Jack's face went lightly pink.

"Yeah, well at least I wasn't the one to pass out on you this time!"

The laughter ceased and everyone got quiet. Jack had just practically told everyone that we slept together, twice.

"You guys fell asleep on each other last night?" Wade asked.

Bob glanced over at Jack and I. "Hey, at least you guys didn't do it on purpose! You did it while you were asleep, without knowing it. And just so you know, you guys did look pretty cute last night." Bob teased.

We both turned as red as my hair and glared at Bob.

"I mean, yeah, it was on accident so it really doesn't matter." Marzia added.

At least they weren't making fun of us, or calling Jack gay.

"Did you say this time?" Bob asked.

Jack turned even more red and looked at the ground. "Let's not talk about it. It was a time like this, an accident." I hurriedly explained.

Marzia stood up from the couch and started off towards the bathroom. "I'm going to go pee!" She yelled.

Of course, with Marzia gone, Jack went into full protective mode. "You guys tell anyone and you're dead, you got that? You even say anything about me coming over here or hanging out with Mark, and I will beat you into the ground." He growled.

All of us nodded slowly, not wanting to set him off even more.

Marzia came back with her hair tied up in a ponytail, as she sat back down and got out her phone.

"Felix just pulled in! Finally, coffee!"

We all laughed. The door swung open, and a very tired Felix walked in, holding a container of drinks and a bag of donuts.

"Why didn't anyone tell me what I looked like before I went out?" He grumbled.

"Why? Did someone comment on your wonderful outfit?" Marzia teased.

"I got called Pokémon boy at Starbucks, then I had a bunch of teenage girls staring at my chest, so I had to zip up my coat, then I started sweating." Felix started laughing realizing how ridiculous he sounded.

We all ran over to him, grabbing our drinks and sitting back down on the couch. Lucifer still played on the TV as we sipped our coffee and relaxed on the fluffy couch.

"So, what's going on today? Are we all going to do something together, or go our separate ways?" Marzia asked.

Everyone could tell that she wanted to hang out with all of us more, so that kind of answered the question. We were all going to stay and do something, because nobody on earth would want to make that sweet girl sad.

"Sure, we can all do something. I mean, it's Friday and we don't have school, I would rather not go home and be bored all day." I stated. Everyone nodded, and immediately she started smiling.

"Great! Maybe we should all go to the mall, we could all buy some stuff and split up into groups. We could switch groups every so often so that we can bond together!"

I'm pretty sure that nobody wanted to bond, but we all agreed.

"Ok, first we can do Jack and Bob, Wade and Felix, and Mark and I!" She exclaimed. Felix looked hurt, but we could all tell he was joking.

"You don't want me to go with you?" He asked, pretending to cry.

"Oh Felix, you can go with me next, silly." She laughed.

"So here's the thing, you go to one store with your partner, then you meet back at the food court to switch off and go somewhere else. We can grab lunch there too." Marzia instructed.

It sounded more like we had to do this, then we had a choice.

We finished our coffees, turned the TV off, and got into the car.

We went in Marzia's car, since she insisted that we go to the mall in the first place.

Felix drove, Marzia sat in the passenger seat, Bob and Wade sat in the very back, and Jack and I sat in the middle seats.

We listened to Marzia's playlist of music the whole ride there, which was dreadful for all of us.

Let's just sum the whole car ride up with one word.


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