finn | sorry (2)

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"i don't know mase." i said. "when was the last time we went to a party and enjoyed it?"

"come on y/n!" mason said. "it's not just any party, it's my party for my birthday."

i sighed, he made me feel real bad when he put it like that. as of now, mason was my closest friend, and my only best friend. of course, there wasn't any feelings attached to that, we did have the occasional hook up, but that was it.

"ugh i hate you." i said, he smiled. "fine i'll go."

"yes!" he smiled. "i'll come by and get you."

"you'd better." i said. "who's all coming anyway?"

"not any family of mine that's for damn sure." he said. "speaking of."

"oh god." i sighed. "dinner?"

"please?" he asked me.

i rolled my eyes "fine, but that's the last time."

"what would i do without you?" he asked.

"you'd be dead in a ditch, covered with worms and maggots." i said shaking my head and taking a sip of my drink.


"aren't you supposed to be his plus one?" sadie asked me.

"no, it's not like that." i assured as i fixed my hair. "he'll be fine, the more the merrier."

"i don't know, he's such a nice guy and all. you sure he doesn't feel that way about you?"

"positive." i said as we walked out of my room. "he's got an on and off girlfriend."

"okay." she said. we step out of the house and i closed the door. we walked up to masons car, i slid in the front and sadie got in the back.

"you remember my friend sadie?" i asked him.

"yeah cute little red head?" he asked looking at her through the mirror.

"right." she smiled.

mason began to drive and we headed towards his house. we didn't talk all that much, a few words were shared to make the ride a bit less awkward. when we finally pulled up to masons house we all got out and saw that a bunch of people were already there, many of which, were already drunk.

"hey mason!" his friend yelled. "happy 19 dude."

"thanks." he smiled. "drinks in the kitchen?"

"and keg in the back." he responded. we walked into the house, all three of us getting a cup and starting to fill it up with the tequila and juice mixture.

"i don't see any malibu here." mason said earning a smack from me.

"watch it." i warned making sadie chuckle, we all took a drink before going to the living room where everybody was dancing.

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