Perfectly Wrong

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Rule Number Fifty-Two: Opposites attract, you can be perfectly wrong for each other.

The sun rose earlier than I was used too. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. The way he looked last night and the state he was in.

We were civil, things had ended the way that they should've. But I still worried for him and I wondered if I should have told Tom what I had seen last night.

I would spend the day down at the beach in a white bikini that I was insane to wear. I was pregnant and so I hoped no one would poke fun at a life giver.

Wrapping my green cover up around myself, I made my way into the bedroom. Tom lay still on the bed, finally waking up by the flutter of his eyes.

"Do you think I can get away with this?" I asked, pushing my swollen stomach out further to prove my point.

"Why couldn't you?" His hands reached out to rub my tummy. Sitting on the edge of the bed as I stood between his legs. He rested his head on the firmness of my stomach.

"How are you baby?" He spoke to the little one. They kicked at the sound of his voice, they hadn't even arrived yet and they already had known their fathers tone.

I watched as Tom cooed over my extended stomach. He was fascinated by what we had made. I decided then that I should tell him about Harry.

"I saw Harry last night" I muttered brushing the hair from his forehead.

Tom looked up at me confused by what I had said.

"I went to go and get a drink and he was in the entrance. He was quite drunk and seemed upset" I added, backing away to see what Tom's reaction would be.

His interest peeked, eyebrows raising in surprise.

"He's upset I assume. I was surprised that he even came" he confessed. Rising he grabbed a pair of shorts off the dresser.

Harry didn't want to come, so why did he? He didn't have to prove anything and after being gone for so long no one would expect him to show. I'm sure we would be okay.

"Upset about what?" I asked, a little annoyed how he was so moody.

"Everything, anything" Tom shrugged.

In the grand scheme of things I had no idea who Harry was. There were times when Tom knew more about Harry than I did. Times like these, where Harry being moody was normal to him.

He had grown up with Harry and could probably predict when there was an issue before anyone else.

Tying the cover up a little tighter I followed Tom downstairs for breakfast. I regretted wearing what I did. Having Harry see me half naked and swollen was a fight waiting to happen. He was judgemental, his scrutiny would wreck my holiday.

But when we arrived to the table outside I was relieved that Harry wasn't there. He must have still been sleeping off his hangover.

The lunch went over well, everyone was still exhausted from the flight. Tom agreed to go hiking with his father and mine afterwards.

And my mother and Tom's wanted me to go shopping with Gigi but I had to say no. I was exhausted, this baby either made me sleepy to the point of passing out or incredibly horny.

I would have a swim in the pool and then take a nap. It was boring but I knew once Tom got home I couldn't get away with lounging around.

The house was quiet as I swam, the sun was high and beat down on my back as I glided through the water.

My muscles hurt from the simplest actions and even though I was in the early months of my pregnancy I was very hormonal and couldn't imagine what the last months would be like.

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