Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Everyone has their own ways of dealing up with a 'break-up'.

Some cry until they feel numb and can't feel the pain anymore, some drink until they temporarily forget the pain, some call their friend and hang out with them to distract them from whatever's causing them pain.

Everyone is different, but everyone yearns for the same: to forget the pain.

A week after their 'talk', Cathy and Doug did their best to avoid each other.

Cathy stopped hanging out with Sofi for lunch since she's with Elix's bestfriends (a.k.a the couple). Doug changed his seat during Biology class to be far from Cathy and to avoid her presence.

It has been a week of unnecessary stress, awkwardness, and 'soul' pain. Yep, soul pain.

Cathy knows that her soul is getting weak, impatient, and irritated.

Perhaps irritated with the fact that the humans who hold their soul are being annoyingly hardheaded and tries to avoid the fact that in this Universe if your souls met you HAVE to be together.

Sometimes Cathy finds herself staring deep into whatever's in front of her, with nothing in mind... just, spacing out.

Sometimes she feels the need to cry, to let go of everything in her chest that doesn't even make any sense.

Why is everything so freaking painful when she doesn't even love Doug in the first place?

Sometimes Cathy gets so irritated with the fact that everything's so unfair! There are billions of people in their Universe and she gets to be paired with this one asshole who's in love with somebody else. I mean how unfair and fucked up is that?!

Cathy's emotion has been a roller coaster ride and this has to stop! She has decided that she's had enough! She's a cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl before she met her soulmate, and now... she's a wreck and she can't do that to herself.

She can't let herself suffer just because some guy doesn't want her.

No. She deserves more than that.

Besides, how will she find the love of her life if she looks like a mess? It's hard to find someone who doesn't have a soulmate (or will love you even he has a soulmate but what are the chances right?), and it's even harder to find someone who'll be attracted to you if you're a crying mess (and Cathy thanks her waterproof mascara for not giving up on her).

So she has decided...

If Doug can't love her, then she's going to love herself.

This is why Sofi has been staring at her non-stop while they're in the cafeteria having lunch (Sofi decided to ditch Elix because she misses her bestfriend

Oops! Ang larawang ito ay hindi sumusunod sa aming mga alituntunin. Upang magpatuloy sa paglalathala, subukan itong alisin o mag-upload ng bago.

This is why Sofi has been staring at her non-stop while they're in the cafeteria having lunch (Sofi decided to ditch Elix because she misses her bestfriend... who has been way too crazy and unpredictable btw)

"Oh, ano Sof? Tunaw na ako kakatitig." Asar ni Cathy.

"What did you do?" Tanong ni Sofi.

"Ummm... nagpagupit, nagpahair color at bumili ng contact lens??? May masama ba don?" Sagot naman ni Cathy.

"But... may pinagda—"

"—wag mong tanong kung may pinagdadaanan ako kasi oo, meron. At tapos na akong pagdaanan yung kung ano mang pinagdadaanan ko kaya gupitin na lang natin ang buhok ko."

Cathy knows that it doesn't make sense, but it has a certain feeling you know? Cutting your hair feels like you want a brand new start, and she indeed wants a brand new start.

"Besides, ano ba naman yung gupitin ko buhok ko? Buhok lang naman nawala, hindi naman soulmate—oops, nawalan din pala ako noon."

Cathy laughed but Sofi knows there's so much bitterness behind it.

Sofi is not against Cathy cutting her hair or having a total makeover, what she's against is Cathy running away from her 'feelings' and sweeping everything under the rug as if it will magically disappear if she did. No, Sofi is totally against that. But Sofi knows that if she talks to Cathy right now, it will not sink in. Cathy is so wrapped up with the idea that she has to 'forget' everything so she won't feel the pain, so Sofi doesn't say anything. She just lets Cathy be... right now.

"So... I was researching last night." Simula ni Cathy. "There's a group of people who meets every Friday." Sofi thinks she knows where this is gonna go, but she lets Cathy finish. "Group siya ng mga taong nawalan ng soulmate, namatayan ng soulmate, or hindi mahanap ang soulmate." Yep, Sofi was right.

"And?" Sofi asked.

"I want to join them... you know. I just want... I don't want to be alone. I don't want to do this alone. Tapos nalaman ko na may ganito pala, eh di may makakaintindi ng feelings ko."

Sofi thinks that Cathy has a good point, baka nga mas makabuti sa kanya if malaman niya na may mga taong nakaranas na din nang nararamdaman ni Cathy dahil wala siya sa posisyon magbigay ng advice. Not when she's happy with Elix.

"I think that's a good idea, C"

"You think so?"

"I mean, if you think it'll make you feel better then go. Wala namang mawawala. You might meet someone pa." asar ni Sofi and she saw a glint of hope in Cathy's eyes.

She knows her bestfriend, she's a hopeless romantic. She wants to experience love, and Sofi wants that for her too. It might not be her greatest love, because that was supposed to be Doug... but someone might love her the way Cathy deserves to be loved, and that's what Sofi wants for her bestfriend.



"I want you to be happy okay? Hindi lang naman sa love or soulmate nakikita ang happiness. So, just because you know who doesn't want to be your soulmate doesn't mean it's the end of the world for you, okay? You deserve the best things in life because you're the best." After saying this Cathy immediately hugged Sofi.

"I love you, you know that? I'm happy you're with Elix because you deserve happiness too. And don't worry, kung ayaw ako ng aso, hahanap ako ng rabbit ko."

Cathy joked but Sofi knows she's trying, trying to feel better, and as long as her bestfriend is trying she's going to be there to support her.

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