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New chat started with jenna🌻

tyler: hey jenna

jenna🌻: who is this?

tyler: tyler from omegle

jenna🌻: dude that was three days ago

tyler: sorry i was busy

jenna🌻: lol its okay

tyler: how are you today

jenna🌻: pretty good wbu

tyler: same. i'm bored tho

jenna🌻: is that why you decided to add me now

tyler: yes 

jenna🌻: sorry you're so bored 

tyler: let me rephrase myself 

tyler: i meant to say - entertain me

jenna🌻: and how am i supposed to do that?

tyler: tell me about you. are you still in high school? 

jenna🌻: yes i graduate in a month or so

tyler: congrats!!

jenna🌻: are you in college?

tyler: no i dropped out my freshman year 

jenna🌻: ohhhhh 

tyler: yeah 

jenna🌻: what do you do then?

tyler: i'm a writer

jenna🌻: that's cool. i'd love to read your stuff sometime 

tyler: ok that would be good 

tyler: are you going to college?

jenna🌻: yeah, i got accepted last month to ohio state

tyler: wow that's sick. what are you gonna major in?

jenna🌻: idk that much yet haha 

tyler: that's ok, you have some time

jenna🌻: yes! i have a good idea what i want to do but my parents say i shouldn't 

tyler: well, luckily it's not up to them and it's up to you. 

tyler: what are you thinking?

jenna🌻: a major in psychology and a minor in dance. doesn't make sense together but i love dance so much and i want to still do it

tyler: i like it. you should do it. 

jenna🌻: you really think so?

tyler:  do you feel passionate about it?

jenna🌻: yes; it helps me get through my shit. 

tyler: then do it. that's what i did. i followed my dream and it made me a lot happier

jenna🌻: it did? 

tyler: yes, it did

jenna🌻: i'm happy for you, i hope mine does too

tyler: what's your fav color?

jenna🌻: random. but what do YOU think my fav color is?

tyler: pink?

jenna🌻: stereotypical 

tyler: purple?

jenna🌻: try again .

tyler: i give up haha 

jenna🌻: you've said two colors lol. the most girly colors

tyler: pink is my fav color 

jenna🌻: LOL REALLY

tyler: no haha it's black and red 

jenna🌻: dark, i like it

tyler:  thank you, your turn

jenna🌻: my fav color is yellow 

tyler: bright, i like it 

jenna🌻: haha thank you 

jenna🌻: ty guy

tyler: did you just

tyler: you did not just call me that 

jenna🌻: ty guyyyyyy

tyler: no

jenna🌻: TY GUY!

tyler: stop

jenna🌻: ty guy ty guy ty guy 

tyler: do u want me to block u

jenna🌻: okok sorry

jenna🌻: ....ty guy

tyler: JENNA

jenna🌻: ok i'm done

tyler: good. anyway, wyd?

jenna🌻: lol listening to music and talking to you.

tyler: sounds fun. what song?

jenna🌻: home is a fire

tyler: by death cab for cutie?

jenna🌻: yeah

tyler: you have good music taste

jenna🌻: well thank you

tyler: no problem

tyler: jen jen 

jenna🌻: i hated that 

tyler: oh sorry 

tyler: jen jen 

jenna🌻: it's ok... ty guy 

tyler: nO

tyler: haha you're cute 

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