Ch. 22 Father-Daughter Date Part 1

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Many hours later, and it is the morning of the next day. Atsuko wakes up from her slumber, and she smiled because she remembers that her Father, Hatori is coming to Shigure's place to pick her up for their first father and daughter date. Atsuko gets out of her bed, and she turns around to look at Tohru. Atsuko lightly bites her lips feeling terrible and guilty because Atsuko thinks that she is putting her adopted sister in the dark since Hatori told her to keep their relationship private since he didn't want to risk Atsuko getting hurt by Akito.

Atsuko shakes her head, and she smiled at Tohru because Atsuko has decided that she is going to convince Hatori in letting her tell Tohru the truth that Hatori is her biological Father. 

Atsuko turns around, and she walks towards the closet that she shares with Tohru. Atsuko quietly opens the closet, and she pulls out the clothes that she is going to wear for the day. Atsuko then turns to the right, and she tiptoes out of their bedroom because she didn't want to wake Tohru up from her slumber since it is still a weekend and that means they don't have any school today. Atsuko steps out of the room, and she closed the door behind her as she walks towards the bathroom. 

Atsuko enters the bathroom, and she closed the door behind her. Atsuko then turns the shower on, and she takes off her pajamas, and she throws them in the dirty basket. Atsuko gets in the bathtub, and she closed the curtains behind her. Atsuko closed her eyes, and she sighed in relief when she felt the warm water all over her body. 

Downstairs in the kitchen, Shigure woke up early since he is going to make some coffee for Hatori and himself. Shigure quietly watched the coffee pot make the coffee when he hears the engine of a car turned off, which lets him know that Hatori has arrived. Shigure turns around, and he walks out of the kitchen and towards the front door. Shigure opens the door, and he smiles when he sees Hatori getting out of the vehicle. 

" Good morning, Hatori~," Shigure happily greets his best friend/brotherly figure/distant cousin. " You must be excited to spend some quality time with your adorable daughter," Shigure looks at Hatori, who is looking at him with a slightly annoyed expression. 

" Why are you so chipper this early in the morning?" Hatori curiously asked Shigure. " And to answer your question yes I am excited to spend some time with my daughter," Hatori tells Shigure while a small smile appears on his face. 

Shigure continues to smile at Hatori, and he lets the other male into the house. Shigure then tells Hatori that Atsuko is probably getting ready and that he should have a cup of coffee and a snack before he goes out with Atsuko. 

" Alright. Are the others asleep?" Hatori curiously asked Shigure. 

" Yes. It is a weekend after all," Shigure tells Hatori. " Now tell me. Where are you planning to take my adorable niece?" Shigure curiously asked Hatori. 

" I brought VIP tickets to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. I wasn't exactly sure where to take Atsuko, but Momiji suggested that those places would be good for someone like Atsuko," Hatori tells Shigure while walking towards the Kotatsu table, and he sits down. 

Shigure blinks when he hears that Momiji helped Hatori out with something. Shigure grabs their coffee, and he turns around to look at Hatori with a curious expression. 

" Does Momiji know that Atsuko is your daughter?" Shigure curiously asked Hatori while passing the cup of coffee to Hatori. 

" No. I merely told the child that I was going on a date with a woman," Hatori tells Shigure while taking the cup of coffee from Shigure's grasp. " Thank you," Hatori politely nods his head. 

" I see, and you welcome," Shigure smiled at Hatori as he sits down across from him. " And Momiji is right. I have a feeling that Atsuko is going to love that place," Shigure tells Hatori while looking at him. 

" That's good to know," Hatori smiles a little as he takes a sip of his coffee. 

Shigure looks at Hatori with a warm expression since he is happy that Hatori is smiling again since after what happened between him and Kana, he stopped showing any happy expression. Shigure opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped himself when he hears footsteps walking down the stairs. 

Shigure and Hatori turned their heads, and they see Atsuko standing by the stairs, and she is wearing a short sleeve purple shirt, which has a Mickey Mouse face on it, black jeans that got ripped in the knee area, black sneakers, and she has a small purple backpack on her back. Both men also noticed that Atsuko's long straight black hair is in a ponytail. Shigure immediately wears an amused expression when he sees the Mickey Mouse shirt since he finds it hilarious that Atsuko wore that since Hatori is going to take Atsuko to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. 

" Um. Good morning," Atsuko shyly greets Hatori and Shigure since she is thinking that she is interrupting their conversation. 

" Good morning," Shigure happily greets Atsuko while Hatori softly greets his only daughter. " Well. It was nice drinking coffee with you, Hatori," Shigure turns his head to look at Hatori. " I hope you and Atsuko have a good day," Shigure smiles at Hatori. 

Hatori nods his head, and he puts his coffee down as he stands up to look at Atsuko, who is walking towards him. 

" You ready?" Hatori asked Atsuko. 

Atsuko smiled at Hatori. 

" I'm ready," Atsuko tells Hatori. 

" Good," Hatori nods his head at Atsuko, and he escorts his only daughter out of the house and towards his car. 

Shigure stands up, and he follows the Father and child out of the house as he stands near a wooden pole. Shigure quietly watched them get inside the car, and Hatori turns the vehicle on as it drives away from his property. Shigure turns around, and he happily hums to himself because he is happy that his best friend is going to spend some quality time with his daughter. 

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