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*That Sunday*

*Izuku P.O.V*

New message from Aika:

"Huh? Who's Aika..?"

Open Message?

Yes.     No.

Aika: I am delighted to announce your acceptance my Music Festival. I'll be in touch.

"We got in..."

"WE GOT IN!!!!"

*Aika's P.O.V.*

"There's quite a lot of talent at U.A. huh? They'll be a lot of attention, I can tell," I mumble smiling shyly to myself.

"Indeed there will be," My fiance replies with a smirk while leaning against the doorframe.

*Izuku's P.O.V*

I should call Mina!!


{Mina, Izuku}

"Izuku!! I have to tell you something!!"
"Mina!! I have something to tell you!!"

"You First."
"You First."

"You go."

"No you."


"Okay fine, I'll got first~. I just got an email from this girl called Aika. Apparently she's the Music Festival's Coordinator. SHE SAID WE'RE IN!!!"

"I got that message too Mina, I'm pretty sure she sent it to everyone.." Izuku said timidly holding the phone a bit further away from his ear than before.


"Okay, See you at school on Mond- and she's gone," Izuku said sitting on his bed.

"Guess I'll go to the park," he mumbled putting his phone in his pocket, chucking on a jacket and heading out the door.

*In the Park*

*Third Person*

As Izuku entered the park he heard a glorious tune being sung so quietly it was as if it wasn't meant to be heard.

He was infatuated with the tune and followed it around the corner to a.... Kid's playground?

*To Be Continued in the next chapter*

Hope you liked this chapter, see you in the next one.

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