Creatures behind the Bleechers part 2

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Chapter 2

When the day was finnaly almost over Jason and Sammy got to their homeroom and they were surprised to see everyone in the class whispering to one another. “Whats going on?” Jason asked suspiciously. Mrs.Clainson looked at Jason and said. “I can’t believe you forgot your own birthday we were going to surprise you but i guess you surprised us!” Jason looked around in disbelief when she rested her eyes on the calendar. “Oh my Gosh I can’t believe it, it’s June 27th already?” Jason exclaimed. “Of course it is silly, you think were tricking or something?” Mrs. Clainson exclaimed. After everyone settled down it was time to go to the assembly in the gym, on the way there Sammy leaned over and whispered. “So your birthday is June 27th, hmm I’m going to have to remember that.” Sammy said with a smug look on his face. Jason just smirked and followed the rest of the class.

Chapter 3

“Ok everyone calm down, please everyone calm down.”  Principle Nash Said Trying to get everyone’s attention by standing on the ledge above everyone. “So what is this assembly about?” Chloe asked Jason, then she looked at Sammy and whispered in Jason’s ear. “Who’s the cute guy next to you?” She whispered so Sammy couldn’t hear her. “First of all his name is Samuel Murry A.K.A Sammy, and i’m supposed to show him around to all of his, and my classes.” Jason explained to Chloe. “Omg, Jason you are so lucky!” Chloe exclaimed loudly. At that point Sammy looked over at Jason and gave her a puzzled look. “Oh sorry, Sammy this is  Chloe, my best friend.” Jason explained to Sammy. “Oh hi Chloe, it’s nice to meet you finally, Jason has talked about you alot.” Sammy said to Chloe as he winked at Jason. Finnally everyone quieted down so Mrs. Nash could talk, but before she could say anything everybody heard a horrible wailing noise and everyone screamed as we suddenly heard a loud bang, then Mrs. Nash fell as a bullet shot through her temple a horrific blood splatter covered the kids in the front of the gym as the bullet zipped through the secretary’s head, everyone was screaming and yelling, but now Jason realized one thing, they were in the gym, not the auditorium, the gym has no service so no one can call 911. “Jason, Jason!! Where are you!!” Jason could hear chloe calling her name after they got seperated...then 3 figures clad in all black walked into the gym and everything went deathly silent, no one one breathed, then the men spoke the first one very tall and muscular said. “We will pick out 3 people from the crowd, to prove our point of what we are, dangerous, and sick people, we regret what has happened to us but we must pass on our “gift” so we will call out three random names, to carry on our gift.” Then suddenly he called out 3 random names and everyone gasped for he called 2 girls and a boy, they called the names, Jasandra, Chloe, and Samuel.......

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