Stage Twenty-Three

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"Chase Banks please hurry

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"Chase Banks please hurry." I damn near ran into this front desk.

The front cop looked up at me wide eyed. No I didn't fix my makeup from when I was crying my fucking eyes out.

"Um excuse me?"


"Tammy let me handle this. Chase wants you to stay calm so you gotta do that I'm gonna get to the bottom. Just have a seat please." Matthew rubs my arm leading me to some seats.

My leg bounces as I watch him talk with the cop. None of this is making any kind of sense. Chase is probably the most peaceful none trouble making man alive he never bothers anyone! Uh I'm still so fucking pissed at those dumb ass cops. Those two that arrested him are on my list they ain't shit and the reason cops have a bad name now. I saw them bash his face into the car I just know if he comes back with any kind of marks I'm gonna lose my fucking mind! Those other two were no type of help just standing back while their partners did all that unnecessary and I'm sure illegal stuff to my fiancé. We all know not all cops are bad but when the good ones just stand back like they can't do anything it makes them guilty by association. So many lives I'm sure would still be here if the good ones just stood up for themselves and the ones they are suppose to protect.

All I could think about as they drove him away was the other black innocent men police have wrongfully murdered. He can't be another hashtag I'll lose my sanity without him. The tears start pouring out again as I'm having a mini panic attack.

"Tammy? Hey I need some cold water over here!" Matthew rushed over to me. "Breath Tammy breath...Chase is fine they are gonna take us to where he's being held."

A female cop puts a cup of water in my hand telling me to drink while fanning me. After a few minute I got my breathing back under control.

"W-Why is...he being...held? He didn't do anything Matthew."

"I know I know. He was accused of a crime by someone."

"What crime he wouldn't do anything illegal."

He looked at me before clearing his throat. "A uh woman accused him of assault and rape."

"WHAT!?" I stood. "And those dumbass cops didn't tell us that they didn't even read him his rights. Just walking up on his shit like they somebody I want the two that arrested him fired they can't just go around assaulting people on their own property."

"Ok ok that's good to know but we can go back and see him I just paid his bail."

This is nothing but pure bullshit! Arrested for a crime he didn't do then having to pay to leave from a place he shouldn't have even been in. Matthew let me go to get myself together since I didn't want Chase to see how worried I really was. Well I'm sure when I knock the wind out of him with a hug he'll know already.

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