Listen to me || Shoto Todoroki

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a/n: angst, also mentions a bit of abuse (verbal mainly) also i gave you a quirk in this one, i don't know what to call it but you can take any material/objects/ground or whatever around you and send it off somewhere else. which includes building walls and that stuff. this one is a mess also, i don't really like it. i might edit it or just delete it later


I clenched my fists as I walked into the training area, we were going up against our fellow classmates today. I had just gotten done talking with my Mother, she told me once again how ashamed she was of me. She had tried to hard to keep me hidden from the world and ever since I went behind her back to join UA, she's been giving me constant reminders at how my quirk isn't really mine and it's just a mutation. Like I am, she likes to say. I didn't have time to listen to who I was going against, all I knew is that I had no problem getting my ass kicked to skip class for the day.

I kept my head low as I heard All Might count down from five, I would normally lash out in anger and easily win after a 'pep talk' from my Mother, but this time I didn't feel like it. I felt like curling up and disappearing because after all, this isn't my quirk. Everything about me was an accident, I wasn't meant to be here. A loud 'start' filled my ears and I waited for my opponent to attack, but nothing happened. "Just get me out already, please, I don't want to be here." I hissed through gritted teeth, angry they haven't done anything yet.

I heard the person shifting around, maybe they were better at close combat and they were waiting for me. "No." I tensed up at the voice, recognizing it instantly. In times like this, I'd actually be happy to lose to Bakugou because if I was paired with him this would be over so quick. "Listen to me, Y/N, I heard what happened with your Mom. I don't know the whole story, but I do know that even if she tells you that it isn't really your quirk you shouldn't ignore the power you have. You could easily beat any of the pro heroes, it doesn't matter who's quirk it is because you have it. You're the only one who can go the extra mile to use it, so don't just stand there like an idiot. Fight me!" Todoroki called out, I had never seen him so passionate about something before. A smile crept up to my face and I looked up at him, he also had a smile plastered on his face.

With that, the fight began. Normally Midoriya would be the one to give me the motivational speeches before a fight, but I knew that was just because Midoriya wanted to be a hero. With Todoroki, that was different. I could tell he said it because he saw the true potential I was too blind to notice, so I thanked him after the battle. We both held up long, but I won in the end. Shoto seemed happy about this though, which made the guilt slip away.

I ran after Todoroki after the training was over, "Hey, Shoto!" I yelled down the hallways full of people, normally I wouldn't be so outgoing but what Todoroki said had really got to me. I finally caught up to where he had stopped to wait for me, "Thank you." I breathed out, catching my breath. "Motivational speeches don't usually inspire me much but for some reason what you said back there really lit a fire inside of me, so thank you so much!" I smiled and bowed, which caused a blush to dust Todoroki's cheeks.

He waved his hands signaling me to stop bowing, I giggled and stood up straight again. "No, really it's no problem. Midoriya is rubbing off on me, but even if he wasn't I still wouldn't let you waste the power you have. You're really strong, you know?" My cheeks flushed and I nodded, thanking him again. It was unusual for Shoto to compliment people. "Hey, do you want to come train with me? I could use someone like you to spar against." I nearly fainted on the spot, was he really asking me to hang out?

I chuckled and nodded, "Sure! I would love to." He smiled and grabbed my hand. We weaved our way through the people and made our way to a small run-down park, it was overgrown with plants and trees. It looked so serene I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, "Woah, this place is so pretty? Do you practice here a lot?"

He shook his head and dropped his bag on a bench that had flowers poking through the cracks, "No, I usually train in the run-down part of this neighborhood but they're knocking the buildings down to make new ones. I found this place yesterday on my way home, I thought it would be good for my ice. It doesn't work well with my fire though, but I was hoping you could help with that part?"

I cracked my knuckles and nodded, "Sure! I'd be happy to help."

We trained for a while, it had gotten dark now and I was laying on top of a small hill I made for Todoroki to direct his fire attacks to. I was exhausted, but the stars were pretty and I got to spend time with Shoto so I didn't mind. I felt my head get lifted up and set back down on something soft, I looked over to see Todoroki laying down as well. He looked exhausted too, I smiled softly. "Thanks for helping me train, it means a lot." I nodded, closing my eyes.

I felt Todoroki shift, he was staring down at me while my head was on his lap. I blushed and blinked, looking like a complete idiot to Shoto. "I love you." He blurted out, causing my eyes to go wide. "Sorry, it just slipped out. I meant it though, I really do love you." I smiled and sat up, pulling him in for a kiss.

"I love you too." I giggled as he stared at me, with his mouth open slightly. He shook his head and wrapped his arms protectively around me, pulling me into a secure hug.


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