"Wanna get out of here?" He murmured against Karina's lips. The alcohol in his body was intoxicating portions of his mind, but he was aware of the girl with hazel colored hair's actions.

She pushed him back slightly. "Get me a drink first." Her ocean blue eyes were set on Madison's.

Madison stared at her for a few seconds taking in her cold sober attitude. "Alright." He simply said, wrapping his arm around the circumference of her waist. He pulled her close and began to walk toward the bar, gently removing his brace from around her.

Karina seated herself on the stool. She crossed her legs and leaned against the tabletop. "Gin and tonic," she articulated. Once her order slid in front of her she downed the drink and slammed the glass on the table.

Madison was standing, leaned against the bar watching her. He was getting impatient, but he noticed something different about her tonight. "What's got you so delirious tonight?"

She let out a small laugh as her leg brushed against him fortuitously. She pushed her manicured fingers against the glass. Madison watched it be pushed toward his direction. "Get me another drink."

"Your boyfriend seems like an ass." He stated as he raised his hand to the bartender. He watched her wrap her fingers around the glass tightly as she brought the drink to her lips.

After downing it, she let out a frustrated sigh and laughed hesitantly. "You don't know anything about my life."

"True," he claimed. "Come on. We're leaving." He slid her off the stool easily since the drink was kicking in throughout her body. He handled her as her knees began to buckle under her. They had made their way out to his car.

"What about my car?" Karina inquired, glancing at the black Hybrid SUV that was parked outside of the club.

Madison reached out his palm. "Give me your keys; I'll take care of it."

Too ignorant to care at the moment, Karina let out a dragged sigh. She fished her keys out of her pocket and handed them over to him.

"Thank you," Madison professed with sarcasm present in his words. He opened the door for her and shut it quickly after she got in before stepping into the club and taking care of the car problem.

Karina propped her bare legs up onto the dashboard. She declined her seat slightly as her eyes wandered the inside of the car. She had never been in his car before. Their encounters were usually in the club and only in the club. She hadn't seen him outside of it and didn't plan to. There never seemed to be a reason.

Well, until now apparently.

With a swift movement, the car door opened the brown haired boy sat inside the car, starting it almost instantly. The cool breeze from the air vents accumulated towards Karina's face. She closed her eyes and seemed to rest for a while.

"What'd you do with my car?" She mumbled wearily.

"I took care of it." He simply said.

The drive to his house was quiet. He hadn't bothered to turn the radio on. His head was throbbing and he only assumed hers was too as he watched her stare out the window instead of attack him with vulgar words she didn't mean. He thought she had fell asleep once outside his apartment, but to his surprise she was convinced she wasn't drunk and walked toward the elevator without needing any help. They made it up to the his floor and into his penthouse.

She was taken aback by his place. She looked over at him and cocked an eyebrow up, wondering why he was the type to hang out at cheap new bars with the common people of the city when he seemed to be living the life.

Madison took off his shirt, letting in the cool air from his apartment fix the disgusting club heat that had attacked his body all night. He got a water bottle from the refrigerator and gulped down a few sips. When he turned around to offer her one, she instantly wrapped her slender arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his.

Madison picked her light body up, allowing her to wrap her legs around his bare stomach. He began to head into the bedroom.

He had been trying to get her to come home with him for a few months now, and here she was.

- - - - - - - - -

Whoa. Damn.

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