Chapter 14

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The drive to the south side of town was filled with silence. At some point, Seth tried to put on the radio but Daniel was quick to turn it off and gave him a look. They arrived near South Central whereby the street ended in a culdesac. Along the streets and outside each house were customised cars and most of them with the same decal. Some of the houses had opened garage doors with men seated on coolers playing cards. 
Seth did not even question whether this was a gang-controlled area. They turned into the street and immediately all eyes were on them. 
"Sweep the entire area," Daniel said, "Don't let them shoot this car. You'll pay for any damages."
Seth looked at him with surprise and Daniel yelled for him to get out and finish the job. 
He got out of the car and Daniel put it in park by the exit of the road for an easy escape.

Some of the men came out of their garages, shouting out in Spanish. Some of them had dogs which went wild at the presence of Seth. A dead man walking. He remembered that he was here to get the job done. He was doing this for Kathryn.
But he also knew nothing about these men, let alone his target. 
He soon found himself surrounded with some of the men in white vests, some topless and a couple of them wore kevlar vests. 
"I'm looking for Javier Santiago," Seth said, "Please, I don't want any trouble."
The men laughed among themselves, making passes at Seth in Spanish about him having big balls. One of the men came close to Seth, grabbing on his waistline which concealed a gun, no doubt.
"What if I'm him, huh pendejo?"
Daniel stayed in the car, watching this whilst other men slowly approached the car.
"Remember," Daniel said in a low volume that Seth could hear, "If anything happens to the car..."
Seth sighed and his scythe appeared and split into twin daggers. He moved faster than any of the men could react and drove the one dagger through the closest man's chin up through his skull. The others quickly dispersed, pulling out weapons and shooting at Seth but the bullets passed through him and shot into each other. 
Seth moved quickly to kill those who were still standing and armed before he made his way to the men by the car who were using it for cover. They could not see Daniel inside as he was in his wraith phase. Seth appeared behind one of them and held him in a chokehold, snapping his neck and finished the other two off.
"Gonna help?" He asked Daniel who just gave him a look.
He wondered if saving Daniel from the slayers was even worth it at this point.
More men poured out of nowhere and soon enough cars would arrive with more as Seth could hear engines in the distance. One of the houses at the end of the street was more protected which gave Seth the green light and he phased into wraith form and the men were confused and went into a panic.
As Seth walked into the household, his target was right in the doorway but what was behind him stopped his movements. A woman helped an old man who was attached to an oxygen tank and besides the man was a little girl being his support as they rushed to leave through the back in a getaway van. The target was certainly built more round than what he looked like in his dossier.
But Seth had his priorities straight. He phased in and the men who guarded the door along with the target quickly moved to shoot but a scythe struck the target from his gut and ripped at the flesh and bone up to his temple. The shock caused him to fire and empty the clip and his family members behind him dropped to their knees and covered their eyes, cowering and screaming in fear. 
Focus. Kill them. For her.

The men realised that shooting Seth did nothing and with their boss dead, "Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will scatter," Daniel said whilst he stood in the driveway as the men ran past him.
Seth watched as the mother stopped her child from running to her dead father and trying to head to the exit closest to them. 
"Well, Seth," Daniel gestured to the remaining lives in the house, "your task was to-"
"Shut up," He retorted.
Come on, Seth. They're just three people. Unarmed.
"Yes, but there's a child. And an old man." 
The child has seen too much! You know that if a human sees death before their eyes, they will soon see it forever. You have to kill them.
"This is not my place!"
But it's your order!
Seth screamed and released a burst of pressure which blew the walls beside him and the ceiling into the night sky. He stood on the cracked ground as his essence tore through the foundation of the house.
"Are you done with your soliloquy?" Daniel asked and in a fit of rage, Seth swung his scythe at him but Nathan parried the blade with his scythe.
Both Daniel and Seth were stunned, to say the least.
As Seth stood in fear, almost feeling cold to his core, Nathan's eyes pierced a gaze into his.
Nathan broke sight and looked to the family members. He held out his hand and each person turned blue, like essence, and flowed into Nathan's blade.
Daniel could not believe his eyes. 
"The blade of Necromancy," he mouthed and Seth did not know what it meant.
"Daniel, I gave you fifteen minutes," Nathan said, pushing Seth's blade back to him with just his finger.
Daniel took a knee and held his head down in penitence, "I'm sorry. But his core was not ready yet. I miscalculated."
"Your sister miscalculated. Thinking she could bring him, a member of The Order, to me."
Seth and Daniel knew their ploy was over. Dan remained still, ready to die for his betrayal.
For Nathan to know where Seth was from only meant that Kat told him. He feared for the worst.
Seth's scythe split into daggers and he attacked Nathan without a second thought.

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