Chapter 16

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Hey dudes! I told you to wait a few minutes and this would be up! This is the long chapter!

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Chapter 16          *Hunter’s POV*

It’s been a month.

A month since I became Penelope’s fake boyfriend. Since I chose her over Cameron for stupid reasons. Since I last kissed him.

I'm getting tired of not being with him. I really did like him. I do like him. I’ve stayed up at night thinking what would’ve happened if I would have told her to go fuck herself and stayed with him. We would be together right now.

Well, if nothing major happened.

I miss him. Freddie doesn’t talk to me as much since he’s always hanging out with Cameron and Sam. I know he likes Sam and everything, but why can’t he talk to me? I made him mad with the way I treated Cameron, but we were friends first.

Hell, Mitchell has cut back on our friendship. He knows what I did was wrong. I know what I did was wrong.

Penelope hasn’t let up. I thought she would have made me be with her for like a week or two. But no, I'm still having to play boyfriend.

I’ve talked to her about when she was going to stop this nonsense, but she blew the question off.

So right now I'm on my way to Penelope’s family dinner. I was invited because I'm the “boyfriend.” Her dad invited me, though I think Penelope told him to.

Her grandmother, grandfather, and one of her aunts and uncles were going to be there. I don’t know why I had to go. I'm sure they knew we were dating. Penelope always bragged like I was her property and I loved her.

She’s wrong. I would rather stab my eyes with a dull butter knife than be around her. She took me away from Cameron. Though, it is my fault, too. I should have already told my parents about us and then Penelope wouldn’t have had that over me.

I feel like such a wimp. Cameron was right. I'm letting a girl control my life. It’s ridiculous and I know I should stop her. And I will. Once I grow some balls and man up.

Which is hopefully soon.

I park in her driveway and make my way up the sidewalk and knocking on the door. Her dad opens it.

“Hey Hunter! Come on in.” He opens the door wide and I walk into the home, smelling the food instantly.

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