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'Untitled' means a lot to me. This has been in writing since last year. It is not just a fan-fiction for me. Through these idols, I am expressing my emotions, the emotions of my friend who cut himself, the emotions of my best-friend that wants to give up, the emotions of people who are done and tired. 

This is to everybody that wakes up everyday. 

This is to everybody that sleeps the night, hoping for the next day to be better.

This is for everybody who distanced negativity from yourself. To be honest, there is absolutely no character that is 'evil.' Everybody has a reason. 

I'd love to know which character you are most similar to me. So if you're on Twitter, follow me at @/iEXOeris so that I can connect with you guys better. I will be posting my updating schedules there as well. 

This story means a lot guys. I couldn't name it, so it goes by the name of 'Untitled' because you can't explain your life story in a single title. 

And, now let's begin the journey. 

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