Chapter 36: Know your chickens

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Bonus Chapter

"Michelle, you look beautiful! The ceremony was amazing." Isabella commented hugging her back as she smiled.

"Ahhhh thank you I'm so happy!" She admitted hugging her tightly.

"Chelle, you're hurting her." Daniel warned patting his sister's back with a worried look, Isabella only giving him a a wink to let it go, but knowing his sister he was afraid he would hurt her somehow.

"Sorry, sorry I was just so excited to see you since the ceremony." She sang clapping her hands together. " I didn't hurt you did I?" She asked worryingly looking at her cast and then at her sweet smile.

"No, it's okay seriously." She assured holding her hand. "You're a married woman now, how are you feeling?" Isabella asked brighting the mood, she loved how Michelle was a happy bubble.

"Oh it's nice! Jol and I are finally husband and wife ugh I'm so happy and he's so handsome isn't he?" She pointed out at a table not far from where Dan and Isabella were standing a happy yet confusing look in her eyes, and a shiny smile on her face. The same Ricciardo Smile Daniel had lately, they looked so alike.

"He does look nice in that tuxedo, you choose that?"

"Nah he was with the mob!" Isabella laughed a bit louder looking slightly at Daniel who was chatting away with a guy nearby their table. Daniel hated when his sister Called him and the Cosa Nostra "the mob" but she found it also funny how she seemed like the only one who could fight all those guys back without taking a bullet. She was the power of the Cosa Nostra, a female with power. "He insisted that Lewis wanted to pick a red one." Isabella flinched with a tiny smile. "I'm kidding, him and Dan are the ones who chose it. And I love it." She smiled looking between her now husband and the Brit engaged in a conversation with the Ricciardos.

"You know him for a long time?" Isabella asked watching how she looked at Lewis.

"Yeah... We uh- we dated for 6 years before I left for Australia and never spoke to him."


"Because I left him..."

"Why?" Isabella insisted.

"He wanted to get married."

"And you?"

"I feared Nicole would come back and haunt me."

Isabella looked confused at how Michelle stole a few glances from the Brit and their eyes meet.

"You like him?"

"I'm married to Jolyon, Isabella!"

"You like Jolyon?"

"He loves me!"

"That was not the question!"

"But that is the answer!" She stammered looking back at Isabella frowning a bit. " I'm sorry, I didn't meant to."

"It's okay." Isabella smiled squeezing her hand. "They say the weeding day is one of the most nerve wracking days of a woman's life."

"Yeah well but there's also the honey moon which I can't really shake about since we already fucked!" Isabella's laugh escaped before she covered her mouth shaking her head.

Isabella shook those naughty thoughts from her mind before looking back at the table where Lewis was sitting, watching how he looked back at Michelle with a sweet smile.

"You think he still likes you?"

"Who?" She pretended to be confused following Isabella's gaze. "No! He would've killed Jolyon a long time before."

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