Chapter 9

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Standing in my room I stared at my reflection in my floor length mirror. Pulling my hoodie up I gently ran my finger tips over my bruised ribs. Hissing slightly I pulled it back down trying to get the events of what happened tonight out of my head.

I was almost raped. Raped by a guy that I thought was a good guy. A guy that helped people in need. How does one get over that? Now I had to up and leave my life because of some pathetic, disgusting human being that thought raping woman was okay. A group of bikers thought it was acceptable to do this to me all because of who my dad is.

I had agreed to become Blazes old lady. What did I know about him apart from how he's been watching me for 8 years and his name. If that's even his real name. Heck I don't even know what age he is. Was I making the right decision?

What if the hospital can't transfer me? Rubbing a hand over my face I rubbed at my tired eyes. I needed sleep but the fear wouldn't let me. Scared to sleep in my own home. Scared to close my eyes because when I do all I see is his face.

Walking to my wardrobe I opened it and pulled my suitcase from the bottom. I guess I didn't have a choice about leaving. Whether I liked it or not I knew Blaze would drag me out of here kicking and screaming.

Placing my suitcase on my bed I opened it. Guess I better start now, I had no idea why the guys were out here so I had no idea when they needed to be back. Thinking about going back to that place didn't sit well with me. I didn't fit in the first time I was there. Whats to say this time will be any different.

Walking into my bathroom I turned the shower on. Giving it time to heat up I went back to my room and raked for an outfit. Deciding on light denim skinny jeans I paired them with a simply red top and my black leather jacket.

Setting them out on the bed I escaped to my bathroom and began to undress. I still felt dirty, my skin still crawling with his scent. Feeling the vomit in the back of my throat I bent over the toilet and spewed my insides out. Wiping my mouth with the sleeve of my hoodie I pulled it off along with my jammie top.

Wiping the sweat from my fore head I glance at my naked body in the mirror. My blond hair lay sprawled over both my breast tickling my now swollen ribs. With the force he kicked me with I wasn't sure if they were broken or not.

Cock tease.

The words still played over in my head. Was I a cock tease? Did I give every guy I came into contact with the wrong idea? Giving myself another once over I slipped into the shower and never got back out until my skin was red raw and hurting. I had scrubbed so hard I had started to bleed.

Wrapping a towel around my body and hair I emerged from the bathroom and went straight over to my bed. Moving my clothes so they wouldn't get wet I lay right in the centre and placed my arm over my eyes.

Will they be able to keep this from my dad? Were the three of them going to stay or would it just be Blaze? Had they went back and killed Adam?. So much questions were running through my head I wanted to scream.

Grabbing the pillow from under my head I placed it over my face and screamed into it. Feeling the tears spring to my eyes I bit the pillow harder. What had I done for this to happen? He didn't rape me but that's what he intended to do. Would he have killed me after it?

"Sweets you suitable?" Blaze asked from outside my door.

I didn't want to talk to him right now. I just wanted to be alone in my room where no one could hurt me.

"Go away Blaze" I sniffed removing the pillow from my face so I could wipe my eyes.

Hearing my bedroom door open and close I sighed. "Please" I whispered not giving him a glance.

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