I'll do the job myself

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Though there were no more deaths in the safe-house, Martha hadn't been the only casualty of the Clean Cities Directive.

We had worked late into the night, the group V had brought in were in very bad shape. None of them had come out of the ordeal unscathed. Aelin was relentless in his work, running from patient to patient, his hands remaining steady even as exhaustion started to set in. I helped wherever I could, though there wasn't much I could do except hand over bandages or hold down a screaming patient while they got stitches or a dislocated bone was reset. 

Through it all, I remained calm. I did what I needed to do. There wasn't time to break down and feel sorry for myself. 

It was around 4:30 when we were finally done, all the injured were stable and most of the people we had brought in were safely in their given rooms or asleep on the beds in the common room. When the last patient had been helped, we finally had a chance to catch our breaths. 

Most of the other members had gone up to bed by that time, but a small handful remained to help with cleaning up some of the mess that had been left behind from the chaos. Someone had draped a white sheet over Martha, blood had started to seep through the fabric. I tried not to look at her as I mopped away smears of blood from the floor. 

A strange kind of quiet had set in, one filled with exhaustion and heavy thoughts. That quiet was finally broken when someone walked towards the TV and switched it on, making sure to leave the volume really low as not to disturb anyone sleeping.  

The news channels were all covering what was happening in the cities. It seemed like people had lost their minds as soon as news of the Directive had been sent out. Homeless shelters were being burned down, people were being chased through the streets. Soon we had formed a small crowd around the screen, not saying a word as we watched the chaos unfold. It hadn't happened in every city, only a small handful, but the damage was significant. 

22 casualties and countless serious injuries. 22 people, gone because of how they were born. Now 23.

I felt so many emotions it was hard to identify them, but my mind remained clear.

When everything was cleaned up and Aelin was satisfied with the stability of the injured, all of us decided to call it a night. We wordlessly climbed up the stairs and went our separate ways as we reached our rooms. I gave Stewart and V a small wave as I disappeared through my doorway, shutting the door behind me. 

I immediately started stripping off my clothes and stumbled to the bathroom. Once I was in the shower and saw the blood run from my hands down to my feet, I started to cry. I cried for everything we had lost tonight. Everything they had taken. Everyone who had died. Everyone who was forced away from the city they had called their home. 23. 23 People who were only trying to survive. My thoughts raged as I screamed at the walls around me. Screamed at the injustice. Screamed about everything that was wrong in this world.

 My sobs finally began to slow as I opened that window again, only letting in enough of that calmness to clear my mind. I don't know how long I had stood in the shower when I finally turned the faucet and got out. The loss, the pain, the anger, it all became a part of me as got dressed and climbed into bed. This will not be the end. We won't allow it to be. 

It didn't take me long to fall asleep, a dreamless, heavy sleep. 


The sun was high in the sky by the time I had woken up. For a few seconds, I had forgotten what had happened last night. For a few seconds, I felt light and relaxed. Then it all came rushing back to me, small tendrils of loss and griefs writhed in my stomach. I glanced over to the clock on my nightstand to see that it was already noon. I immediately jumped out of bed, threw on any clothes I could find and dashed out of my room.

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