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It had been 2 weeks since you had heard word from Podrick, and you were starting to get nervous. When he had left, you had the impression that your chemistry was something exciting and new- that you had a friend, and you never considered the prospect of not seeing him again. You sat, tired, bored and somewhat glum in your chamber, completely despondent to the money that swarmed you- you had had a busy weekend, it was the trades festival of course, so many a boss's success was spent upon the girls of one of the finest Brothels in Westeros.

Normally, having such good business would have you jumping with glee and excitement, and a shop around for the freshest fabrics and scents would be due- but you didn't care for wealth at the minute, you were more upset about something you held closer in your heart- which was strange really, the more you thought about it- you had met that boy for an hour alone and already he'd changed your feelings about things.

You sink back into the comfy covers and pull your knees up to your chest, head resting still upon them as you rocked around, dwelling in your own thoughts.

You were interrupted, however, by none other than Petyr Baelish, who was not shy to simply stick his head between the veils without asking and stare for a moment, curious, before clearing his throat, "Y/N, you've got a visitor..." you sighed sitting back and catching his gaze lazily, "You know the drill, ask them what they want, tell them I'll be ready in-"

"No. Not that kind of visitor- a friend said they've come to see you." You stiffened up, and your eyes widened slightly more- could it be? "I-" you didn't know how to respond, what to ask- it bothered you he'd come mid-day, you were still 'on duty' persay. But you'd worked hard over the festival... you looked Littlefinger in the eyes, and your pout made him chuckle- you didn't need to ask.

"You can have the day out. You've earned the day's work already over the festival period, luckily." He sighed with some amusement, and you leapt up immediately, halting as you were about to pass him and looking down- you probably shouldn't go waltzing around King's Landing wearing this... Petyr was still watching calmly as you headed back over to your draws, so you turned to face him, leaning your weight over to one leg and crossing your arms,

"Anything else? Because if not, I've got to get dressed- and unless your paying, you can sod off to your other business now, sir." You smartly responded to his gaze, and he chuckled before turning around and striding off- you did appreciate the man but he could be a real creep sometimes- he wasn't bothered by your attitude though, he'd grown fond of it over time.

You thought about your relationship with Littlefinger as you changed into your day clothes (well, your non-brothel clothes at least)- he was the first person you'd met when you were sold to the brothel, and he'd basically grown you up. You had a strong bond with him- but it was professional, and friendly; he was far too old for you and your personalities and values certainly clashed too much for you to be anything more than a close employee.

After a couple of minutes you dipped out of your little chamber and headed to the main entrance of the brothel- and lo behold, you found Podrick waiting, awkwardly staring at the walls and anything except the topless ladies floating about. His gaze fell on you, safely able to tell you were a girl dressed decently from his peripheral vision- at the very sight of him you flashed a wide grin, your eyes bright, wide and welcoming. Immediately you found yourself rushing over and catching him in a tight hug, "Podrick! You came to see me!" You chirped, and be chuckled, gently returning the hug, "It's nice to see you again, Y/N." He responded- he was calmer, but just as chipper as you.

Only a little time had passed and you were already wandering about the ground of the Red Keep, a place you were both at luck to stay in due to the nature of your very contrasting jobs, with him being a squire and you a royal courtesan. "How's sucking up to some noble lords going?" You teased, poking him in the side. He jolted at the action, shaking his head at your sarcasm- ticklish. Nice to know for future use... "Fine, actually. And I don't suck up to Ser Jaime, he treats me with just as much respect as I treat him." He defended, before a grin crept across his face, and he looked at you with a shy but wicked glance, "Besides, y-you can't say much about sucking." You almost choked on air- Did he really just make a joke that crude??

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