Chapter 1

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Sunday 5th of September

"Santana!" Maribel shouted up the stairs for the third time.

"Coming Ma!" Santana said. She hopped down the stairs tying the laces of her converse.

The new next door neighbours had moved in and Santana and her family decided to go and welcome them to the neighbourhood.

As Santana hopped off the last step she received a smack to the back of her head.

"OUCH!" She shouted.

"You should have been quicker then." Maribel shrugged in a calm and collected manor. Her mouth curled up into a smug smirk.


Next door, Santana met Susan and David Pierce who actually seem alright.

"And how old are you Santana?" Mrs Pierce asked.

"16, I'm about to start Junior year at McKinley High School" Santana replied with an eye roll. Maribel gave Santana her signature glare and Santana gave Mrs Pierce and apologetic smile.

"Oh how lovely! Our daughter Brittany is the same age. She's starting at McKinley tomorrow. We also have little Zoe who just turned 6" Mrs Pierce explained while Mr Pierce just stood beside her, politely nodding.

Santana just stood there thinking about how she could be out with Quinn right now but instead she's here listening to old people gloat about their kids. She let out a barely audible groan.

"You should all come over for drinks later when the girls are back. It would be great if Brittany could go to school tomorrow knowing at least one person right?" Mrs Pierce said.

"Sounds like a great idea" Maribel replied. "Lovely to meet you Mr and Mrs Pierce" she said, making her way to the front door.

"Please, call us Susan and David. Mr and Mrs Pierce makes me feel old!" Susan replied with a chuckle.

"And please call us Maribel and Raphael" Maribel countered with a friendly smile and a nod.

"See you later!" Raphael said as the front door closed and he was left with his wife and daughter. "See, that wasn't that bad was it?" He asked, trying to convince the teenager. Santana groaned in reply, pulled her phone out and began to tap on the screen.


A few hours later, the Lopez's were back at the Pierce house greeting Susan and David again. Santana was already bored and she'd only been there 30 seconds. That was until she turned her head to see a stunning blonde sat on the couch.

"Raphael, want a beer?" David asked as he put his hand on his guest's shoulder. "Yes please!" Raphael replied eagerly and walked off with his new neighbour. Susan and Maribel walked away deep in chat with the promise of a bottle of wine waiting in the kitchen, leaving Santana alone.

The blonde stood up and Santana took in the woman in front of her. The long legs, the pale, smooth skin, the long, flowing blonde hair, the soft pink lips and the mesmerising blue eyes. She snapped out of her daydream when a hand was extended to her.

"Hi! I'm Brittany" the blonde stated in an energetic tone.

"Santana" the brunette replied with a charming smile, one she was yet to use around the other Pierce's.

Then Santana felt a tap on her hip bone, she looked down to see a small blonde girl smiling at her with adoration in her big blue eyes.

"I'm Zoe" she stated in a shy and timid voice, her eyes staring at her toes.

Santana crouched down to be at her height. "It's a pleasure to meet you Zoe, I'm Santana and I live next door" she replied, extending her hand to the youngest Pierce.

Zoe smiled and shook her hand with a giggle before running back to the couch to continue watching cartoons.

Santana rose back to her feet and made eye contact with Brittany again. Both girls just stood there staring into the others eyes for a moment, taking in the other beautiful girl.

"She's cute" Santana while pointing her chin to the younger Pierce sister to gesture who she was talking about.

"She can be.... when she wants to be" Brittany said with a smirk. "Come on, let me get you a drink" the blonde said as she offered her hand for Santana to take. Santana happily accepted the pale hand and linked it with her own tanned one. Brittany smiled and guides her to the kitchen.

Santana learnt a lot about Brittany like how she recently moved from the neighbouring town, she liked to dance and her favourite drink is Dr Pepper.

Brittany also learnt a lot about Santana like how her mom is from a place called Lima Heights Adjacent but Santana pretends she grew up there to scare people at school. She found out she plays a bit of piano and her favourite drink is lemonade.

The girls got along well and it seems to be the start of a new friendship. Santana even agreed to look out for Brittany at school the next day (which was very generous since Santana looks out for no one).

As the evening came to a close, Brittany and Santana exchanged phone numbers for 'school purposes' and said goodbye with a wave and a genuine smile painted on both of their faces.


As Santana climbed into bed that evening she checked she was prepared for school. Her backpack sat on her chair, her books were ready to go, her outfit was hanging up and her alarm was set.

When her face finally hit the pillow, her phone vibrated on the nightstand, lighting up the room. A text appeared.

From Brittany Pierce [22:17]
Nice 2 meet U 2day :)
- B

Santana smiled at the artificial light she held in her hand and typed out a reply.

To Brittany Pierce [22:18]
It was fun. See U 2morrow :)
- S

She hit send and placed her phone back on the night stand, rolled over and grinned as she thinks of the blonde hair and blue eyes that belonged to the girl next door.

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