Camping Part 1

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It was a beautiful day in Musutafu. The sun was shining brightly but not annoyingly so, the cherry blossom trees where dancing in the wind giving the pedals time to fly free gliding in the wind. Class 1-A were in their dorms because summer just started. They were allowed to stay in their dorms or return to their previous homes during the summer. Izuku Midoriya was sitting outside of the dorms on a bench watching the pedals. Izuku had a hobby he never told anybody. It wasn't exactly a secret, but it wasn't not a secret either. Izuku loved to draw. He was definitely not the greatest when he was younger and in middle school, but ever since the hero course he has improved tremendously. He put in his ear-buds and played music on his phone. Izuku was drawing a picture of a new hero costume idea he had in mind. It was just a few changes nothing too big or special. He was then interrupted by a group text message.

Uravity: Hey Everyone! Some of the girl's and I thought about going on a camping trip for summer break. We want everyone to come, so who is in?????

Ingenium: I like that you added our hero names as our names in the group chat! Also, I would love to go on this trip. I will bring all the needed materials.

Grape Juice: I'm not going. I get to hang out with a bunch of babe's this summer!😍

Ingenium: Don't do anything stupid Mineta!

Froppy: I'm obviously going! This will be a fun experience before we get back to hard work

Tsukuyomi: I have to apologize everyone, I am not going to go. I would rather stay in my dark room and work on controlling dark shadow a little more

Creati: That's alright! Hopefully the next trip we make you will be able to join us. Who else is in?

Chargebolt: Heck yeah! I can't wait for this! You in Kirishima?

Red Riot: Hell yeah! Let's make a MANLY tent!

Chargebolt: Oh YEAH! Back with that Manly stuff Brooo!!

Shoto: I would love to but I might not be able to make it. I don't feel like giving any details so don't ask.


Can't Stop Twinkling: I will definitely will NOT go!

Pinky: Why not?

Can't Stop Twinkling: I'm not getting dirty!

Uravity: That's not a good excuse

Can't stop Twinkling: I don't care! Drag me there and it will be the last thing you babes will do!

Earphone Jack: I'm in

Creati: YAY! ❤

Cellophane: I'm in, can't wait for this!

Froppy: Just got a message from Hagakure saying she couldn't make it. She's sick.

Uravity: Awww that sucks. Wait... this isn't everyone is it?

Shoto: Found out I can come, and no We still don't have Midoriya and Bakugou or Ojiro.

Red Riot: Ojiro is also sick, just saw him coming back from the doctor. I will see if Bakugou can come.

Uravity: Deku you there?

     Izuku look's at his phone and gets irritated at how many text messages were interrupting his time and not to mention his music. He gives a few minutes of thought into what they are saying.

Izuku P.O.V

     The messages were getting really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends but it was getting out of hand. I really don't know if I want to do this. It could be fun but I just don't know why I have a werid feeling about it.

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