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Olivia's point of view

"Hey mom"I say to my mom who's in the kitchen.

"Hi. How was your day?"she asks her usual question. She asks this every time in come him from school.

And like always i respond with the same answer "boring".

She spins around "why- oh hey Jordan"mom says when she sees Jordan standing next to me.

"Hi"Jordan smiles shyly.

"Uh we're going to my room"I say and take Jordan's hand in mine and pull her behind me to my room.

We sit down on my bed. I watch how she takes off her shoes and lays down on my bed.

"How long do you think you can stay?"I ask her.

"I dunno. I don't have any homework to do anymore"she answers and takes her phone.

"Hmm, lucky"I mumble and lay down next to her.

She chuckles and starts tickling me. I start laughing and kicking.

"Stop! Stop! I think I'm going to piss my pants if you keep going"I laugh loudly.

She laughs too and takes her hands of my sides. She's hovering over me, holding herself up on her hands next to my head. I take a close look at her face. Her green eyes, sparkling because of the light in my room. Her plump pink lips, parted a little bit to breath.

I look up into her eyes and see her looking at mine already. She leans in, her breath hitting my lips. I close my eyes and part my lips a little. Her lips touch mine. They move passionate against each other.

Her tongue slide against my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I part my lips, letting her tongue slide into my mouth. I moan when our tongues touch each other.

She turns us around, so that she's sitting against the headboard of my bed and I'm in her lap. I take her bottom lip between my teeth, nibbling on it. She moans, leaning more into me. Her hands slide down, over the side of my stomach to my waist, just above my butt. She moans again when I suck on her bottom lip. She pushes me more into her, letting me feel her hard on now.


The door of my bedroom goes open. My mom's in the doorway, looking shocked at us.

"Uh" she clears her throat and tries to hide the shock on her face. "Dinner is ready".
She smiles and goes away, leaving the door open.

I look back at Jordan. She looks shocked and embarrassed. "Well, now we don't have to tell her anymore"I mumble and play with the baby hair on her neck.

She just sighs. "Maybe we should just go downstairs. We don't want to make this more awkward then it already is"she says and rubs my sides.

I nod and peck her lips one more time. I then stand up from the bed and stretch my body. She takes my hand and together we walk to the kitchen.

We both sit down in front of my mom. She's already eaten. We also start to eat. It's quiet, nobody says something.

"So how long have you been together now?"mom asks suddenly. She doesn't look at us. She just keeps looking at her food.

"Uh two weeks now, I think"I answer. My mom smiles.

"I'm happy for you guys. Just treat her right, Jordan, or I'll slap you with my wooden spoon"my mom smiles evilly at Jordan.

Jordan just looks at me, searching for help. I lay my hand on her right, squeezing it.


"Mom?"I ask and walk I into the kitchen. She washing the dishes.

"Yes, sweetheart"she replies and turns around to look at me.

"Can Jordan sleep over?"I ask unsure. I don't know how she thinks about my new girlfriend sleeping over already. Besides I don't know if she would let Jordan sleep over if she knew about Jordan's condition.

"Sure. Just make sure you don't do anything you don't want"mom smiles and kisses my forehead.

I nod. I walk back to my room. Jordan's laying on her back on my bed. I climb onto my bed and lay between her legs on her stomach. I lean with my chin on her chest.

"You can stay"I mumble. She smiles and kisses my head.

She wraps her arms around my waist and pulls me closer. I press my face in her chest and sigh. I close my eyes and feel myself starting to drift away.

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