Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Kai steps quietly into the clearing where Noah stood alone. Duncan's heart was racing in his chest. Kai was sneaking up behind Noah carefully. Noah was oblivious, until Kai stepped on a twig. Noah swung around and tried to swing a fist at Kai. Kai ducked just in time and wrapped him arms around Noah's neck like he was hugging him...then they both vanished and reappeared a few feet in front of Duncan. Noah didn't hesitate before he threw a punch into Kai's gut, then when Kai was etched over Noah sent a punch into his nose.

"Stop!" Duncan screams and Noah spins towards him. "Noah..."

Noah stomped towards Duncan with anger and remorse. Noah grabbed Duncan by his collar.

"What are you doing here? You've gotta go!" Noah whispers. Duncan's eyes grew wide and he was taken back.

"You speak now?" Duncan mumbles, he was barely audible.

"She'll kill you Duncan, go!" Noah yells.

"You still remember me? You're not brainwashed or anything?" Duncan asks quickly. Noah hesitated before answering him.

"Look, I don't know why I remember you okay? I just do, it's only you. I don't know anyone else." Noah lets go of Duncan's collar and backs away. "I've gotta go, you need to leave."

"This is romantic and all but you aren't going anywhere until I see a kiss." Kai walks up to them. Kai's nose was bleeding but it didn't seem to phase him.

"Why would we do that? I'm supposed to kill him if I see him loose." Noah shrugs.

"And I'm supposed to kill you." Duncan says to Noah awkwardly. Noah looked at him.

"So why didn't you?" Noah asks

"Um, aren't you're awful premonitions gonna come true if you keep talking?" Duncan awkwardly changes the subject.

"Too late now, and who says they're awful?" Noah grins a little but turns away so Duncan couldn't see. "I seriously need to go, you two should too."

"Wait!" Kai steps in front of Noah. "You punched me so doesn't that mean I get to punch you to make us even?"

Noah laughs. "Alright, go ahead."

Kai dramatically popped his knuckles. He breathed in deeply and punched Noah in the stomach. Noah didn't even flinch but Kai yelped. Duncan burst into a fit of laughter.

"Always go for the nose." Noah grins and pulls up his shirt to show a safety vest. "Amber makes her 'favorites' wear these."

Noah walked past Kai still smiling and went back to the campfire. Duncan was still laughing. Kai was silently giggling and checking out his hand.

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