Kenny's Pov:

I was sitting on the couch in my lonely apartment when my phone rang. I shot up quickly, i was soo bored.


"KENNYYY!!!" a familiar voice yelled through the phone.

"LOUISSS??!!" I was soo excited, he hasnt called in years. Okay, maybe like sixth or seven days but, yeah its been forever.

"So, umm I need to ask you something?" he sounded nervous, why was he nervous??

"Yeah, anything what is it??" he paused then finally spoke up. "Im coming visit you this afternoon. And i wanted to have our break at your apartment." Omg he's finally coming!

"Yeah!!! Of course you can. Why were you nervous to ask Lou??" he sighed in relief. "Ummm. I just thought since ya know, with the other boys around you would feel uncomfortable..." Wait..they're all coming..

"OH, no. Its all good. . Im so glad your coming." he laughed, "Yeah, me too. Hey, the boys are back im going tell the good news. Bye Ken, luv ya."

"Okay, luv you too Lou." then the line went dead.

 Now im stuck with five boys, great. Wait.. Kenny, this is a good thing. Im gonna be stuck in a small apartment with 4 hot guys.

But Louis will be there. Now i wont have a chance with them Imagine me kissing one of them then Louis walks in. Talk about awkard.

. I skipped to the kitchen when suddenly stopped dead in my tracks.

Did Louis say he's visiting me this afternoon?? Omg he did!!! I ran as fast as I could into my bathroom and stripped off my pajamas and hopped in my shower.

I didnt even wait for it to heat up, I just hopped in. I grabbed my coconut and vanilla shampoo/conditioner and squirter some on my hair.

Five minutes later, i put my shaver up and rinsed all soap products off of me. I hoped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me, then ran into my room. I threw open my closet door and practically tore stuff off of the racks and shelves.

Finally, i decided on some black shorts and a striped shirt with some TOMS. I threw my clothes on the bed and ran to my dresser. I pulled out my a matching Victoria Secret bra and underware, then pulled them on. I quickly pulled on my outfit, and ran back to my bathroom.

I did my make up and blow dried my hair in less than ten minutes. I walked over to my full length mirror and examined myself. Eh..decent enough, my hair was in a bow-bun with a braid going up the back, and i didn't have much make up on. Just mascara and lip gloss.

There was one thing I had to say about my outfit. "I look like Louis." I laughed at myself, so many people thought we were twins. But, he"s a year and half older than me.

The door bell sounded through the whole house.....and here they are.

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