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Her brown eyes grew wide with fear as she wiggled around uselessly, "What's going on?"

Her blood-red nailed fingers clamped onto him in a death grip - tearing into his exposed weathered forearms.

"I'll be right back," He said in an attempt to keep the doomed woman from panicking before making a clean escape. He jerked his arm free and shook his head with a look of regret crossing his world-weary face.

"Wait," She whimpered fearfully at the retreating flannel-clad man as she freed herself from the mist and followed him.

He quickly stepped out of the room and braced his body against the worn wooden door; not wanting to face the powerful demon for fear that it would harm him as well.

His heart slammed painfully into his ribcage. Taking several long breaths to try and calm down and not throw up, he quickly crossed himself while pulling the rosary from his shirt and began mumbling prayers.

The doorknob twisted, and she banged loudly against its rotting wooden surface, "Let me out of here!"

Suddenly, the woman's banging stopped and tearing of cloth, painful screams followed by crying and begging for mercy filled his ears. He made his way to a cabinet and pulled a glass and bottle of Jack Daniels from the shelf.

The smell of sulfur and feces permeated the air as he downed one shot after the next - waiting for the noises in the next room to end.

He stared at the door that would release him into the real world, wishing that it would open so he could flee from the nightmare. He'd have left immediately but knew the door handle would scorch his hand if he touched it before being released by the gluttonous entity.

As time dragged on, he became more and more intoxicated - eventually backing out.

The heavy feeling that always overcame the house when the demon was active had dissipated and the noxious odors cleared.

"See you next time - Hunter!"

The door to the house swung open. Without wasting a moment, he grabbed the heavy duffel bag and ran to his truck.

Sliding the key into the ignition, he sat there shaking uncontrollably before bursting into fits of laughter.

He picked up his phone, "Call Jamie."

The phone rang three times before it was picked up, "You still alive?"

"Yep, it's time to go to the bank and deposit this load!"

"Are you ever gonna kill that thing?"

"Why would I dispose of something that gives me more money than the job to take him out offered? Plus I get to bring him trash from the streets to dispose of. It's a win-win."

"I know that originally you agreed to the terms because you were afraid that you'd die, but I'm starting to think you like this too much."

The hunter huffed before realizing his friend may have a point; he had come to enjoy picking the women, hearing them scream for mercy when the demon had its way with them. But above all, he loved how alive and powerful it made him feel to play god with other people's lives.


Clicking his phone off, a sadistic smile pulled at his wrinkled lips. He lit a smoke and took a long drag while staring at the rundown two-story house, "Until next time, Zozo."


Word count: 1135

Entry for the Paranormal contest, "The Demon Pact."

She had no idea what this was for, but when I asked her to read it, she said YES!

The following is from Lady_Rhey, my wonderful friend who's kind words of encouragement will be something I will be forever grateful for, as well as the time she spent helping me on multiple projects. She's a blooming writer with a poetic soul with a pirates veracity, and I enjoy her opinions and company. I encourage everyone to go check out her works and give some feedback to a person who deserves to be recognized for her generosity.

Thank you, my Lady! I'm blessed to have met you on this journey. ♥️

↭☩☩↭ I love this concept. The beginning feels incomplete only because I want more of the dynamic that caused the contract between the two. I think there needs to be a discussion (even a sentence or two) about what initiates the hunter to track down this particular demon. As of now (much like I feel with Blood Wars) the story starts in the middle. Definitely run with this even if it is a short story. ↭☩☩↭

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