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****Attention new and Current Bad Moon readers!****

Bad Moon (book 1) has been selected for the Wattpad Paid Stories and will be joining the program the week of June 24th.

This was a very difficult decision for me, as I know how much this book means to LGBT+ readers. I also know that for some of you, it's probably disheartening to see this message. I can not stress enough: I understand.

Here's the bottom line: By joining the Paid Stories Program, I'm taking myself out of a difficult position in my writing career. If any of you are my current readers, you know how hard things have been for me over the past year—you also know that I've been querying a book outside of Wattpad and it's been a painful experience. Joining the Paid Stories Program will allow me access to certain tools that will bring me that much closer to achieving my dreams. It gives me a title as an established author (which will make my work more appealing to agents), a foundation for querying future books, and a support system that I otherwise wouldn't have.

I wrote Bad Moon years ago, and since then I've faced terrible rejection and given up a million hopes that this series would ever make it beyond the slush. But my readers have dragged me toward the finish line. They lifted me up, brushed the dirt from my shoulders, and pinned a Fiction Award to my chest. If it were not for my readers, I would have given up long before a spinoff, long before a sequel, long before an opportunity like this came into my life. Now it's finally being recognized—and though it breaks my heart to take away free access to this story, it also enables me to create new (free) Wattpad books. Something I hadn't planned to do before. And I have some very exciting stuff to bring you guys. I promise.

So why Book 1? Why not a sequel? I chose the first book in the series for several reasons, the main one being that I did not want readers who were midway invested in the series to have to give up after already supporting me through the first book. In turn, the other books in the Bad Moon series will remain free. This includes the sequel to Bad Moon and two separate spin-offs. This way, you are not only unlocking Bad Moon, but the entire 4-part series. Current readers who have already finished book 1 don't have to worry. None of the sequels will require an unlock.

I know that many of you were very much against the idea of Paid Stories. I understand. But if you have grievances, please reach out to me over message and I will try to address your concerns. I'd like to keep my comment-section as zen as possible.

In the meantime, Bad Moon will remain free until June 24th.

Thank you all for your support. ♥

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