Chapter 2

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Marcie had ever been so relieved to see the village. She had barely slept and in her haste had left all her kills behind.

The night was the worst, she arrived at the edge of the forest tired and hungry, but still not ready to go home and face her father. What would she tell him? She came home early and empty handed because she was chased away by something huge and monstrous, something she didn't even get a good look at, and which may have followed her back to the village?

She glanced nervously behind her at the dark trees, she didn't think it had followed her but she couldn't be sure. The reason she'd lost sleep the past nights was because she was terrified of that-thing- finding her while she slept, any tiny sound had her grasping her bow ready to loose an arrow. She still held it close to her even now.

She made her way down the bank towards the village.

News traveled fast in The Forgotten Village, she could see the children all running off to tell their parents she had returned, a few residents emerged from their homes and looked to the forest.

As was tradition Marcie took and deep breath and sang the hunters lament, song of returning from a journey, in the old language.

The children loved to hear her sing and they ran from their parents to greet her properly. She hugged and kissed them even as their parents watched from a distance.

A tall lean man with an unkempt beard and shaggy hair leaning on a staff made his way towards her.

He nodded at her, placing a fist over his heart, the sign of greeting, she returned the gesture.

"Greetings Marcie No ones bride" he said in a deep gravely voice

"Greetings Leader Roor"

"You return to us early and-" he glanced behind her"-with nothing to show for it. Did you run into trouble?"

Marcie shrugged, adjusting her bow, not meeting his eyes "No trouble just...couldnt seem to find anything and...did not wish to leave my father alone too long"

Roor's scruffy face betrayed no emotion, he just nodded, however unsatisfied and turned to leave. Everyone stepped out of his way.

Roor was the unwilling leader of the whole village, his appearance was in no way a portrayal of his leading ability, he kept the businesses running and the people happy, and since he had been declared, the village had had nothing but good fortune. He was quiet and used words sparingly but when he did speak, everyone listened.

Marcie felt her nerves calm slightly-ever so slightly. But she couldn't stop the shaking that had taken over her body after she had left that cave, a slight trembling of her fingers and cold fearful feeling, like she was being watched from afar.

She cast a surreptitious glance over her shoulder at the dark forest, the trees formed an almost solid wall of darkness, she shivered and turned her attention to the young girl who was demanding her attention, she lifted the little girl onto her shoulders and led the small procession to the square.

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