22 | a brilliant plan

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"Hey, Felix."

The latter hums in response. Hyunjin hears trickling water as the boy pours some water into a cup and drinks from it. "You want some?" Felix offers, "before you say anything, I mean."

"Nah, I'm good," Hyunjin waves off, "but, do you remember a couple of weeks ago when Professor Bloome suddenly came to the Great Hall and then rules were suddenly set for us?"

The Slytherin tilts his head to look at Felix at a better angle and he is met with the younger pursing his lips.

"You mean the one at dinner?"


"Yep, I seem to remember it," Felix tilts his head to the side, "why do you ask?"

"I'm going to tell you a story, but please don't tell anyone," Hyunjin says in a quiet voice, "not even Seungmin."

"Not even Seungmin?" Felix repeats in confusion.

"Not even Seungmin."

Hyunjin himself was wondering why he was about to tell Felix this. All sane people would know it would make more sense if Hyunjin told this in more detail to Seungmin, his best friend, rather than a frenemy of 6 years, Felix. But his guts tell him that it was Felix he should tell the story to. And he was confused but went ahead anyway.

"Go on, mate," Felix leans back on his seat, just casually sipping his water, "I'm not forcing you to but I don't have all the time in the world, you know?"

He doesn't even know why he hesitated when he was so sure just a second ago. It felt as if he was exposing the biggest secret of his life. Well, it was somehow the biggest in his life — it made him feel as if he was the reason why Hogwarts is in danger. Maybe it's his fault and he just doesn't know it.

"We get it, we get it, Hyunjin, just get to the story already," says an impatient Felix, "how can I know for sure if you're saying that under your breath over and over again?"

"I was with the professor before he came to the Great Hall," Hyunjin tells the Australian. Felix's eyes widen, "wait, so when you skipped dinner you were actually going to see him?" He remembers the time when Hyunjin was in a hurry as he passed by the Great Hall and didn't stop even though he had offered the boy a piece of his meat.

The older student nods, "yep. He was doing all these weird things, asking me questions and I keep saying that it's just my wand being broken but he said no and apparently this was 'worse than he thought'? He even asked me to perform a 'stupefy' on him but for some reason it didn't work."

"I've always thought you were weird," is the first thing Felix says, "but I didn't know you were this weird."

"Hey, this only started happening this year," Hyunjin reminds the boy, flicking his hand that was resting on his side, "I was completely normal before that!"

"Yeah, says the one who brought human swimming goggles instead of safety goggles to potions in Year 4," Felix tells him in a teasing tone and received a small pinch. He yelps in pain, rubbing his side with a small frown.

"They're both to protect your eyes, okay?" Hyunjin slumps on the bed, hands crossed and his lips pouting.

Then, it's silent. Hyunjin left to his own thoughts and Felix to his. The Slytherin watches as Felix seems to be really lost in his mind, thinking deeply. He didn't even know the later was even able to think for all he knows is that Felix is the one to act without a second thought.

Felix furrows his eyebrows, "something's not right."

"You said your wand is okay, right," he asks for a double-check.

"Yes, I don't see anything physically wrong with my wand," Hyunjin replies, "he said there's nothing wrong with it too."

"Then the cause is not your wand, Hyunjin."

"It's from inside of you," Felix continues, "but we don't know that yet, do we?"

"Stop, you're scaring me."

"Do you want to know what's wrong with you or not?" the younger asks.

"Yes, but," Hyunjin draws circles on his blanket, "I don't want to know. What if it's not good news?"

The Hufflepuff in front of him rolls his eyes and sighs. "By this time we already know it's something unpleasant. Let me ask you, is losing your magic a good thing?"


"There you go," Felix tells him, "we need to dig deeper. Did Bloome say anything else to you? Or someone else that might give us somewhere to start with?"

"No, but Seungmin did, I think?" Hyunjin pauses to think, "or someone else? I don't know, but they said that apparently, something like this happened seven years ago. Maybe we could start with that."

"Woah, did it really?"

"I said apparently," Hyunjin repeats, then stops. "Wait, are you really going to help me out?"

"Yeah, I really have nothing else better to do, so..." Felix shrugs, "why not spice it up with some drama?"

"Yeah, well, people's lives are on the line, didn't you hear?" Hyunjin says, reaching out for a glass of water, "this isn't, what's it called again? Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

"Hey, you're close with your captain, right?" Felix asks, "Lee Minho?"

Hyunjin hums as he drinks his glass of water, wiping his lips with the back of his sleeve afterwards. "Why?"

"Didn't you say that this happened seven years back?" Felix recalls, "which means he was a first year when it happened. We could ask him questions."

Hyunjin snorts, "don't try it with Minho. He gets suspicious easily. And plus, do you really want a lowkey dumbo doing this with you?"

"That's highkey insulting but, no," Felix laughs, finding amusement in the sentence Hyunjin had said, "then let's ask Yujin for help."


"Yes!" the Hufflepuff jumps off the bed and begins to pace back and forth. "She's smart, she's a seventh year and what more is that she's a prefect which means we could get information from the inside. And plus, Yujin and yourself have been pretty close lately, this is a brilliant plan!"

Felix gives Hyunjin one last look excitedly. "We're going to find out what's happening, okay? I'm going to find Yujin."

Without waiting for Hyunjin's reply, Felix dashes out of the Hospital Wing, leaving the Slytherin to exhale with as much patience as he could. There's no stopping Felix at this point.

The boy leans back on his bed, wincing at another headache thumping in his head. If what Felix said about this being from the inside, then, what's happening?


i'm so sorry this took a while and i'm sorry that i've been saying that same sentence for the past few updates but i've been focusing a lot on moons of jupiter and getting underwater revised and edited for the wattys owo. i hope you guys understand heheh but!! we are finally getting deeper into the conflict! i hope you guys are looking forward to that uwu have a nice happy sunday!

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