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It felt like asthma, but for as long as he could remember, nobody in his family actually has asthma

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It felt like asthma, but for as long as he could remember, nobody in his family actually has asthma. The air was being sucked out of his lungs, but all he did was having a nice little stroll along the Hogwarts yard outside to catch the last rays of the sun.

But would it be asthma if he's now back in the hospital wing? Same, he doesn't think so as well. It was all fine at first but it felt like he's slowly losing his breath. Hyunjin was sure it was normal when he first started feeling out of breath as he climbed the stairs for astronomy, but his breathing becomes shorter as time goes on and he suddenly blacked out.

"Are you sure there's nothing wrong with me?" Hyunjin asks as he struggles to sit upright on the hospital bed. "Because I'm sure something more than just a usual migraine and lack of vitamin is happening to me."

Madam Pomfrey pushes the Slytherin's forehead so that he will lay down on the bed and pats it lightly. "I'm sorry, Hwang, but that's all the diagnosis I have as of now. We'll continue doing tests and we'll let you know in time for the grand finals, okay?"

Hyunjin doesn't look convinced, so Madam Pomfrey sighs. "I know how important quidditch is for you, so I'll let you play this grand final. But after that, please don't join the team next year. Start focusing on N.E.W.Ts so you won't bear a lot of pressure on yourself, yes?"

"Fine," the sixteen-year-old lets himself be swallowed into the blankets, covering his head and snuggles into the pillows.

The boy could hear the nurse sigh before walking away, leaving him alone in the room with only the sounds of the rustling trees outside to keep him company.

"See, she'd let you play."

Oh, yeah, he forgot. And Felix too.

"You're still here?" Hyunjin asks, but the voice just a bit muffled due to him speaking into the duvet. 

"Yep!" Felix chirps, "I have nothing else to do. Jisung ditched me for a senior, Changbin is probably sneaking out so I obviously can't subtly stalk him. I don't really want to hang out with Hueningkai from the 4th year because all he does is muck around with his friend Taehyun."

"So here I am," Hyunjin could imagine the Hufflepuff student grin. "After all, it's not every day where King Hyunjin doesn't attack me back, so it's obviously a golden opportunity for me to annoy you."

"Please tell me why you exist," the blond-haired underneath the blankets groan, before flicking the blankets.

Felix blows his fringe. "To give sunshine to the world, obviously."

Hyunjin exhales, face-palming. "You see, this is why I question your existence," he tells the Hufflepuff.

Felix pouts and plays on the edges of the bedsheets.

"Are you okay, though?" he asks with a tone of sincerity in his voice. "You've been like this for months now, it can't be 'just a headache'."

Hyunjin raises one of his eyebrows at the boy. "Go and try to tell Madam Pomfrey that, I dare you," the older boy scoffs, blowing through his lips and he thinks back on the events that had happened over the few weeks.

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