Chapter 28

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"Be careful Kai, you gotta hold her head." Ramona said to Kaiden as he held Arayah in his arms.

Ava and Arayah were at Ramona's house visiting since Ava haven't spent time with them in a while. Another reason is, she just wanted to get out the house. The past two days, Blue was absent so she decided that she'll leave too.

It definitely bothered her. He put in an effort to still help Ava take care of Arayah, but his energy wasn't there. His body was, but his mind wasn't. She tried talking to him to see what was going on. The only thing she knew about was Simon having to move away from his home, but she didn't know why.

Blue didn't tell her because he didn't want her to worry, but that wasn't doing nothing but making her think something else.

Ava smiled as she watched Kaiden and Arayah bond and crossed her legs. "He's doing good mom, just give him some time," She told Ramona.

"Baby, she only a week old. He need to be more careful." Ramona fussed and walked into her kitchen to finish making her tea.

"Ma I got this, dang." Kaiden mumbled with an attitude. "She always trippin'."

Ava laughed and rubbed his head. She thought that he was the cutest ever and was glad to call him her little brother. "How's middle school?" She asked.

"It's cool," he shrugged, playing with Arayah's fingers as she stared around. "Hi RayRay," He cooed.

"Anybody ain't try to mess with you yet, have they?" Ava said jokily, but in a serious way.

Kaiden looked at her and folded his top lip as if what she asked was rhetorical. "Heck no, but there is this one dude who always got something to say. I be cussing him out though."

Ava frowned, "what's his name?"

"His name is Mike. Me and him were friends before, but after his brother named Tyrese died, we just stopped talking and he began being mean," he explained.

"Tyrese?" Ava questioned, thinking to herself. She knew a Tyrese, but she wondered which one her brother was talking about. "Tyrese who?"

Kaiden slapped his forehead in annoyance. "You didn't hear about the ten year old boy getting shot and killed in the Bronx a while back? His name was Tyrese Johnson, I think."

Ava's heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach and she felt like she had to throw up. "My Tyrese?" She placed her hand on her heart and thought about the last time she saw him.

"Um.. yeah I guess." Kaiden felt awkward.

"Oh my god," Ava buried her head in her hands a took a deep sigh to control her emotions.

"You knew him or something?" Kaiden asked.

Ava nodded and kept her face buried in her hands as tears began to fall down.

"Wait," Kaiden pulled out his phone to get her attention. "It was on the news, I'll show you." He went to YouTube and searched up the news video.

Ava lifted her head up and sniffed as the video of the news reporter began to play. When she saw a body bag being carried off the street of her old hood, with Tyrese year book picture displayed on the side of the screen, she cried even harder.

It broke her heart because she always used to warn him about wondering around in the streets. Especially with all the gang violence that's been going on. It sucked, because he had  been passed away and she never knew. In a way, she felt like she'd let him down as his friend.

To comfort her, Kaiden shut the video off and rubbed Ava's back. "It's okay sis."

"He was such a good kid," Avs wiped her tears and sighed. She prayed that she wouldn't have to experience losing her child one day. It was a tough world and anything could happen.

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