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Not to many friends, he only had a few of them

And recently they don't want anything to do with him.

Always eating lunch in the bathroom stall

He just wants to feel normal and be cool again


Ashton was slowly losing his friends, he never had many only three that he really liked. Calum, Michael and Luke. brunette, green and blonde, at one stage his three best friends until the accident. he only really ever had them, everyone else were just there, mere acquaintances.


Recently they have wanted nothing to do with him, they won't talk to him or sit next to him. ashton didn't know what was wrong, why they had suddenly begun to ignore him. did he do something?


Days later the boys still wouldn't talk or sit next to him, he even tried to call Calum to see if he wanted to 'hang' but his mother said he had to do homework. when did Calum ever do homework?

Recently ashton has been going into the males bathroom to eat his lunch since people started giving him dirty glances and throwing things at him while he tried to eat his lunch lonely and in peace, but never happened, someone even purposely spilt their juice on him. he couldn't take anymore, so he started eating his lunch in the bathroom stall.

He wished everything was back to normal just like before the accident. Just like the good old days when he use to be cool.


Ashton walked in the cafeteria and people waved and said hello, like they hadn't seen him for a week. People would holler and invite him to sit with him but he had his own table with his three best friends. Calum and Luke would be waiting at the table while ashton and Michael shuffled through the cafeterias crowd of student and over to their table. life was good and he was expecting the world.

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