Chapter 2-When everything was easier-Pamela (PoV)

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I know I shouldn't be thinking about her, however, I just can't stop. I can't stop thinking about her beautiful gold locks and her adorable smile. I miss her humor, I miss her grip, I-

"Hey, Pamela! Hurry up! Breakfast is up and running. You know we only have twenty-five minutes to eat."

"Gloria," I sighed, "I'm coming." I rapidly took a look at myself in the mirror. My dark pixie hair was a little bit messy. I took my comb and combed it out a bit. I looked down at my athletic figure and smiled. Basic Military Training (BMT) did some good, I guess. It had only been a few weeks since my BMT had finished. I had a large bust and a pretty "nice" body. It looked even better in my camo clothing (basically a camouflaged blazer that I wore with a T-Shirt under it and some camo combat pants and combat boots). I then hurried out to see my roommate's buff silhouette waiting for me, against the beige wall. Gloria was extremely bulky, she practically grew up on the battlefield. Her mother had been in the air force as well, so she always had to move around with her grandmother to see her.

"About time!" Gloria exclaimed. She was always so extra! I really hadn't taken that long at all. Gloria smiled down at me, her shoulder-length ginger hair was in her classic military bun. She had thin pinkish lips and an unusual smile. She had a large nose and some very chiseled cheekbones. She had huge sky-blue eyes and long lashes. I guess she was quite attractive.

"Let's go already!" she said, blushing, as she noticed my gaze on her body. She then grabbed my arm and pulled me all the way to the cafeteria.

Louise, I imagine your smile sometimes.

I miss it so much.

I miss your beautiful voice,

Your sexy gaze.

Sometimes I hope you don't remember me.

Sometimes I hope that you forgot about our love.

and about everything we were.

I miss you so much and I know you're hurting because of me.

And that destroys me, because I really, really-

"Hey you listening?" asked Gloria, annoyed. "No, sorry," I said, honestly. Gloria shook her head impatiently. "At least you were honest," she said and then crunched into her toast. "What were you saying?" I asked curiously. "Alright! So, I was saying how I'd really like for you to join me later to watch a movie. I got the new Avengers movie, y' know? I know you're into Avengers and stuff," she said, almost rambling. It was so odd, we were just going to watch a movie. I laughed. "Sure thing, Gloria. I've been wanting to watch it ever since it came out," I smiled at her and took a bite out of my banana. Movies.


Our movies.

When everything was easier.

When everything was easier,

You were in my arms.

When everything was easier,

We cuddled.

My skin was on yours.

I miss you, Louise.

I miss your soft skin.

I miss your smile.

I miss your joy.

I miss you, Louise.

"God, your head is always in the clouds! What the hell are you thinking about?" Gloria asked, a little offended. Our seven years. "So sorry, not thinking about anything, just kinda tired I guess," I lied. "Were you saying anything?" We were now walking in the halls. Physical Training was about to start. "No, I wasn't. Nothing important anyway, cya later?" she asked. "Yeah, cya. Have fun at PT!" I laughed. "Yeah, you too Pam."

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