13. His Anger

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"We've arrested Noah Rogers." The cop informed me, "The victim has given her statement against him, so we've arrested him for the rape attempt charges."

Ashar kept his promise.

Although, he didn't come at the hospital, but still, he kept his words.

I nodded my head in response, "Thank you for your cooperation, officer."

William grinned, "No need of it. It's our job."

The hospital discharged Carol. Her doctor allowed her to go home, but with few precautions. He advised her to take rest for few days, otherwise the head injuries would take longer time to heal.

Carol decided to go to her parents' house and stay there for next few days. She was leaving for California after two weeks for her college admission.

I was now all alone to deal with my problems.

I never wanted to agree to Samara Elizabeth's plan, but I ended up following it. I never intended to sign those papers, but eventually I signed them and that's what visible to everyone. No one was interested in knowing my intentions because it didn't matter; eventually, I did everything I shouldn't have done.

That's what scaring me the most.

It would be next to impossible to prove my intentions innocent.

After leaving Carol home, I went to my apartment and prepared some cupcakes and chocolate muffins for the kids and teachers of my foster home. I thought of meeting them as it had been quite some time I last visited them.


"So, are you really that busy with your new job that you get no time to visit us?" Patricia asked while eating my baked cupcake.

She was one of the kids, living here. I knew her since she was brought here. She was younger than me and that means, she still had few years to move from here.

Patricia's parents abandoned her because they didn't want another kid. Her parents said that they did not have enough money to raise four kids. That's why, they thought to abandon the last kid and let the orphanage to look after their baby girl.

I was just five years old when Patricia was brought here that's why, I had blurry memories of the time when her parents brought her here. But, after that, I'd never seen them again and that made everyone think that her parents had lied about their financial difficulties because they never even came to see her face.

"I have left my job." I responded to her truthfully, "But don't tell anyone about this."

I told her because I wanted to tell someone about some of my problems with a thought that it would lessen the burden from my heart. I was feeling so lonely since I had come back from the mansion. There was no one who could comfort me or encourage me that I would come out of the difficult time safely.

"That means you didn't want your teachers to know about it and that's why you weren't coming here." She anticipated.

I glanced at her, "Yes."

"My heart is feeling heavy right now, but I can't cry in front of you." I sighed aloud.

The kids of all ages were playing and laughing in the hall where I was sitting with Patricia. Their cheerful and carefree laughs were reaching to my ears.

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