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Quinn's POV

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Quinn's POV

His cheeks almost immediately became tinted with pink as he glared at my brother. Whoa whoa ! What the fuck is going on ?

Then, I got attacked by my overly emotional aunts who just love giving hugs and kisses, after that I went to my brother who was talking to pole dance dude and a cute black haired girl.

"Where's my present ?" I asked putting my hand forward.

"Oh shut up be happy we came ! Now give me a hug" He said not even waiting for my answer and hugging me anyways.

Rude !

He then proceeded to release me and introduce me to the cute black haired girl as Natalie, her girlfriend. Funny world Ace's childhood best friend is also named Natalie and I thought that Gavin was going to be alone all his life and live under a rock like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants but apparently I was wrong.

Then I punched him in the stomach, you must be thinking what a bipolar bitch ? Right ? But how dare he not tell me he's not a single potato and he's dating such a pretty girl.

"Ouch ! What was that for ?" He asked which almost sounded like a whine. Then I got a idea to embarrass Natalie.

"How dare you not tell me about her ! I am going to cut your balls off ! Wait no then you guys won't be able to make cute babies".

Natalie immediately started to blush and Gavin smirked and said "I know right".

I gestured him with my hand towards pole dance guy and said "Aren't you going to introduce us ?"

"You already know him" He grumbled pouting and then Natalie proceeded to drag him off to who knows where.

I was so confused,

When I heard "Hello Starfish"

That voice, that darn voice. But how ? I looked at his eyes those green eyes with specks of gold. And his Asian face ! I'm pretty sure if you see me right now then I have the human version of the hearty eyes emoji. He had a chiselled jaw, with cheekbones to die for. But now that I look closer I see he has busted lip. Hmm..wonder where that came from ?

But god damn I feel like a fucking potato standing infront of the man I love. Yes I said the man I love.

People say that you feel butterflies in you stomach every time you see the man you love.

Well I feel like a thousand Hippos are doing tap dance in my stomach.

So either I have Diarrhea or I'm in love with him.

Doesn't take a dumbass to figure it out.

I look at him to find him already staring at me in awe, is it just me or am I acting like I'm deaf and dumb.

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