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Chapter 2

*Jens POV*

Dark... Bleeding.... I'm bleeding.... It's cold and raining.  It hurts so much. Oh no. Oh please not my baby. I've got to get to the hospital.... How could he betray me?  I gave him everything I had.  Not now I have a child to worry about. I can't walk. I think my leg is broken.  He actually hit me.  Then he kicked me down the stairs. Oh please let my baby be all right. It's all I have left in the world. Theres a light. I have to get to it.  The gravel in the ally is getting stuck in my wounds. It hurts so much. The baby... I have to save my baby. I banged on the door repeatedly till it opened. A girl screamed.  Someone pulled me into the house an yelled to call for an ambulance.  People were asking for my name and what happened. All I could think about was my baby.

"Please save my baby. I just want my baby to be alright..... "

A warm hand touched my face and the pain melted away.... The horror of that night faded away... 

Its been a week now since Kass and Ty started dating.  They really do fit.  I am happy she found someone and I know he will do anything for her.  If only guys were like that for me.  I promised myself that after John I would never love again.  Its not worth the pain. I stretched and strolled out of bed. 10:28 Damn I had to open the store at 9.  I threw on jeans and fussy purple sweater and ran down stairs and next door only to find Nick helping someone at the register.  

"You opened the store?"

"Good morning sleepy head." He said with a grin as I looked around to see that all the shelves were stocked and the door sign on open. 

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"You seemed like you needed your rest." He looked at me slightly concerned.

"Thank you but you should have woken me up." I said and smiled.

*Nicks POV*

I got up around 8:30 and walked to Jens to help her open the shop.  Her front door was open so I walked in.  To my right there was a old oak desk wit a rather nice computer on it. To my left was the living room with a pay window looking towards the street. There where herbs hanging in the window to dry and in the same window were various bottles. I then walked into the kitchen which smelled of various candles.  The large window in back revealed an enormous garden.  Looking into it was like looking into another world.  Its then that I herd something upstairs. I headed up and looked in Jens room.  She looked like she was having a bad dream.  I sad on her bed beside her. Tears soaked her pillow.

"Please save my baby. I just want my baby to be alright..... "

I stroked her hair back and she seemed to calm down.  There were dark circles under her eyes so I decided to let her sleep.

The keys to open the store were in a bowl on the desk. I opened the store and stocked the shelves. It wasn't a busy day so I did a little inventory. A small old lady walked in.  She was looking around and seemed a little lost.

"Is Jennifer here?" She asked.

"Not yet. How can I help you miss?" I asked as polite as I could be.

"Oh call me Gloria. She makes me a special lotion for my arthritis." 

"Do you know what its called?"

"Um.. I think... Um... No.. I cant remember.. Oh here I have the old bottle with me but the label is worn off."

She handed me a small blue container.

"You opened the store?" Jen asked surprised.  She looked cute in her fuzzy sweater and jeans. 

"Good morning sleepy head." I smiled.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" She asked a bit annoied.

"You seemed like you needed your rest." I replied remembering what she said.

"Thank you but you still should have woken me up." she said with an appreciative smile.

"Gloria here needs her arthritis lotion." I smiled and waved my hand towards the little old woman.

"Oh its right here." she said as she reached for a similar blue glass container. She then took over the register and talked to the woman before she left. Jen then turned and looked at me.  Her brilliant blue eyes had bright green in the middle.  They were amazing to look at. When I realized I was staring I picked up the inventory sheet and started going over the things she needed.

"You're almost out of wild oat and you are out of Sleep Easy tea and Mystic Morning tea. We also need more rosemary, white and pink candles, and love lotion." I looked up at her and she was smiling.

"If you need me I will be in the back getting the things we need." She walked away and I couldn't help but stare at her. The definition of beauty just walked into the next room.  Her perfect curvy body swayed as she worked.  As I was reminiscing something warm and fuzzy rubbed against my leg.  I looked down to see a cat.  It was all white except for two brown patches one on each side.  They looked like someone drew wings on the side of it. I could feel it purring.  Its fur was soft and when I bent down farther it climbed into my arms.  This was the sweetest animal I have ever met.

"Do you have a cat?" I asked walking towards the back room.

"A cat?" She peeked around the corner.

"Angel!  Where have you been?" The cat leaped from my arms to her.  She laughed as she caught Angel and held her like a baby.

"Yes I have a cat." she smiled. 

"She looks a bit big for not being here for at least a week." 

"Yea she does. I'll take her to the vet when I'm caught up on the inventory."  She smiled and put Angel down.  Angel followed her mewing loudly for food. Jen obliged the request and opened a can of cat food.

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