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active 3 hours ago

"Damn it. Why is he never active at this time these days?"

hey sang

I was studying

"What the hell? Studying? At this time?"

"Keep going with the flow, Minji."

ahh ok
do u happen to have some spare time on ur hands?
if u do
let's go to the carnival again!

"Was that too straight-forward?"

is typing...
not like I have something to do anyways
be out in ten and meet me outside the school

"Yes! Another win for Minji!"

Minji quickly shuffled around in excitement. Why? She wasn't so sure too.

The first time she went to the carnival with Eunsang, all she felt was butterflies in her stomach. She tried so hard to not make it seem obvious.

It can be said that she wanted to make sure if that'll happen again. She really didn't think she'd like Eunsang in that way, because they literally grew up with each other.

However, Eunsang felt another way. He confessed to Minji last year, and she wasn't really comfortable with it. So, from then on, they never had talked to each other.

That is, until the talent show. The unexpected collaboration shocked not only Minji, but Eunsang as well.

Is it safe to say that the tables have turned?

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