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I opened my eyes slowly, only to close it again because of the streaks of light. My head hurt and this weird taste of alcohol lingered in my mouth, making me want to puke. With my eyes closed, I tried sitting upright on bed, that was when I felt an arm draped around me and now that I gave it a thought. What was that heavy weight on my leg?

Slowly forcing my heavy eyes open, I looked to my side, only to abruptly sit upright on bed. "Manik. What is he-" My words dissolved in my mouth and my eyes widened in shock when I realized I was naked. I slowly pulled the blanket up till my chest. I looked at him and I saw his bare chest.

I immediately turned my gaze from him to the floor. Our clothes were shattered on the floor and that was enough to tell me that we had done it.

Right then a reflection of me kissing Manik popped up in my head and I shook my head, totally flushed. I tightened my hold on the blanket and held it near to my chest.

I slowly got out of the bed. My body felt so sore and I felt exhausted. Huff.

Gathering my clothes, I entered the washroom. My eyes fell on my reflection in the mirror and I could see hickey all over body.

How could this be happening?

What in the world did happen last night? I pressed my heavy head, trying to fathom the shattered and blur images of last night.

I remember seeing him drinking alone in the bar after the script reading of our upcoming movie "Kaisi yeh yaariyan". Wah it would be such a huge news if the media finds out about this.

"The two main leads of the upcoming movie Kaisi yeh yaariyan spotted together in a hotel room."

Damn what was I even thinking? But what just happened last night? How did I end up sleeping with that arrogant Manik?

I hit my head several times but all I remembered was, sitting two tables away from him and drinking alone.

Yesterday I was dumped by my boyfriend, Maddy. That jerk. I was heartbroken so I kept on drinking and spouting nonsense about him. Then Manik had come to me and sat beside me. I remember seeing his all red eyes and his messy hair.

And after that I don't remember a single thing. "Aaahhh." I shouted in irritation, running my hand through my messy hair. That was when I saw a ring in my ring finger. I never had this ring, did I?

Frustrated I slipped into my dress and came out of the washroom, only to bump into a hard frame and I stumble a bit. But right then I felt a pair of hands on either side of my shoulder, stabilizing me. I looked up only to see Manik, looking at me with confusion written all over his face.

I looked at him and he looked at me. Soon realization hit us hard he still hadn't wore anything. I abruptly turned
around and so did he. Damn why in the world is this happening with me?

"What are you doing here? Why in the world are you here? And how did I land up here? Is it a prank or something?" I could hear him blabbering and throwing numerous questions all at a time. And the worst of all he was thinking of this kind of a situation to be a prank. Like seriously!

I could figure out he had hurriedly been putting on his clothes. "Nandini what did you do to me last night?"

"I didn't do anything. Okay." I said as I looked over my shoulder but I regretted it. I immediately squeezed my eyes shut as I buried my face into my palm, totally flustered with all the thing that was happening.

Moments later after he had dressed, he came in front of me. "Last night-" He began but I cut him off in middle.

"Look whatever happened last night wasn't suppose to happen. It was just a drunken mistake. So let's just forget about it." I said it all in one breath, not even caring to think whether he understood what I said or not.

"So you are ready to forget it. Right?" He asked and I nodded my head in 'yes'.

I can only remember bits and pieces of what happened last night. So I bet it wouldn't be hard to forget yesterday night.

"But just in case would you-" He hesitated for a while.

"Yea would I what?"

"Would you mind checking if you are pregnant or not?" He said it in a go and "I was taken aback" would be an understatement. My insides flipped flopped and I was so flushed. I could feel my already heated up cheeks burning.

"Okay I will check and inform you." I said, hesitantly.

"Okay." He said awkwardly.

"Let's be professional and let's not let this incident affect our upcoming project." I said and he nodded his head.

"Okay so I will go." I said, awkwardly as I picked up my phone and my bag. Right then my screen flashed with a message and so did his. I unlocked my screen only to see it overflowing with numbers of notifications.

My eyes widened in shock on seeing the notifications and messages. This couldn't be happening.

"Congratulations Mrs. Malhotra."

"Congrats on your marriage."

My notifications were filled with 'congratulation' messages. I looked at him and he looked at me, realization hitting us hard.

"We are married."

An annoyingly cute love story.
Hope you guys will give it a chance.

This idea had been lingering on my mind since so long. So here's a new story "We are married". And if any of you here have read "Married to you" then I would highly recommend you to try this story too.

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