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Sophia's POV
The last two days of my heat was easier than the first. Titus stayed by my side the whole time. The pain was bearable and I constantly took pain killers and my meds. On the last day before we had to leave, we spent the day wandering in the forest.

"So Titus when am I meeting your mom and sister because you've met most of my family except Laura," I said while we were walking the edge of a lake.

"I was thinking, since Thanksgiving is in a few days, we can host a family Thanksgiving at our house," he said. Our house. I liked the sound of it.

"That means I get to cook," I squeal. He laughs and kisses my temple.

"Let's go on a run," he says. I quickly agreed but my wolf growled at the thought. I haven't released her in awhile but why doesn't she want to shift.

I brought her forward so we could shift but when my bones broke a sharp pain went up my arm.

"She doesn't want me to shift," I breathe back. I snap my bone back into place and shook it a little to dull the pain.

"Why?" Titus asks. I shrug and she growled again.

"She's just growling at the thought of us shifting," I said.

"Well I guess you'll have to miss out," he said and shifted into his black wolf. He jumped and leaped on me. He landed on me and I was on the ground and he was on top of me. He had a wolfy grin on his face but my wolf was just not having it today.

She pushed her easy through my hold on her and I felt my claws and canines come out. She let out a growl and his wolf backed up and whimper at his females resentment.

"What the hell is happening to her," Titus says, shifting back. It was beyond me why she was struggling against me.

"I think we should go back to the cabin and start cleaning up," he said pulling on a pair of shorts. I nod and run my arm, still feeling a slight pain from where she refused to shift.

When we were packing I was thinking about my wolf and the dinner I have to plan.

"How many people are coming for Thanksgiving?" I ask Titus.

"Well Brody and his mom are coming, his dad might join. Jacob's mom and dad will come and his sister. My Mom, sister, and her mate will come and your family can come, including Tala," he said. I counted in my head and it totaled up 16 including me.

"Damn I'm gonna be cooking a lot. Y'all eat like wolves," I laugh. He chuckles and threw his last pair of shorts in his backpack. He put the bags into the car and I locked the cabin up. I finished locking the front door and I saw something sharp fly at my head. My wolf was quicker than me. She quickly took control and moved out of the way.

I fell to the ground and looked up at the arrow lodged in the door. Titus lets out a growl and his eyes became black with fury. There was no scent at all of any species.

There was a piece of paper sticking off the arrow. I reached up and picked it off the arrow and read it.

Dear Sophia and Titus,
Congrats on finishing the mate bond. Soon Sophia will be mine. Mark you calendars 3 weeks from today we'll have her back.

I dropped the note and my hands were trembling. Three weeks, three short weeks and I'll be taken.

"I will do everything on my power to kill whoever is behind this," he growled. My mind flashed through memories. My eyes and birthmark had been triggers for people to act weirdly around me.

"We need to talk to an elder the minute we get back," I said. He looked at me with a confused look on his face.

"Just trust me, I think I know what I'm doing," I said. He nods and pulls out his phone.

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