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EMERGENCY!!! (July 23, 2020)

I am not sure if you guys experienced sudden lags in Wattpad since two days ago (especially yesterday).

I was scrolling through my Twitter feeds when I saw a tweet saying Wattpad was hacked! Sobra akong nagulat! I checked the thread, and maraming nagsasabing na-hack nga! There was a tweet saying that it was only in the United States. Well, I am in the United States, unfortunately! Huhuhu :(

Then there was a followup tweet that only in California daw, and again, hudas nga naman, I am in California!!! Huhuhu :( I kenaaaat!

I checked the thread and they said accounts made before 2017 got hacked and personal info were sold or something. AND AGAIN, huhuhu, I made this account wayback 2014!!! *suntok sa pader*

So, in short, I feel like my account was sold or whatnot. Luckily, the email address I had for my WP account was only used for all WP related socials --> WP, Twitter, FB.

Soooooo... I was gonna change all my passwords for all, but the safest way was to DELETE the Google and WP account! :'( *iyaaaaak*


Am I deleting this account?

YES. SORRY GUYS :'( Better safe than sorry. Huhu. Super hassle! :(

Am I continuing MP?



I will create a new Google and WP account, under the name Junatan Mapusok. And I will replace MP's title to ADON1S. I will use the same Display Picture for my new WP account, but I may change the cover of MP since it will have a new title and new author's name (it's still me, just new screen name lol. Junatan Mapusok aka Joon Sok! Odiba! Anlakas maka-KDrama!)


ASAP! I just finished copy-pasting all my chapters and drafts (even the drafts for my other upcoming works) into MS Word! I just realized that I did not have any backups! Tsk. Tsk!

So that's about it guys!!! I will delete all my stories in this account, and will eventually delete this account! I should have done it before I continued MP. Huhu! Sana sundan niyo pa rin ako guysss!!! :'(

Takits, people!

~ JQP, now signing off.

~ Junatan Mapusok, now signing on!

Username: @joonsok

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