Chapter 2

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    We got there just a minute before the bell rang. I raced to my locker, quickly put in my combination, and got it open on the third try. I grabbed everything I needed and quickly walked to my first period class.

    I walked into class just a second before the bell rang. The first person I noticed was, guess who, Seb. He was sitting in the only seat that used to be empty. The seat next to mine. I wasn't in the mood to see him, and less than happy to sit next to him. I slowly started walking to my seat.

    "Julie, please hurry to your seat," My teacher, Mr. Bowen said.

    I blushed and quickly sat down, making sure to avoid eye contact with Seb.

    All through class, I made sure to keep my gaze straight ahead, not even slightly glancing his way. I heard his pencil being taped back and forth. I turned to glare at him. Seb knows that it irratates me a lot. As soon as I looked at him, he smiled. Oh crap! So he did it on purpose.

    At the end of class, I walked out as fast as possible. My next period was all the way at the other end of the school. I glanced back to see Seb following me.

    I slowed down so we were walking side by side. "What, are you stalking me?"

    "Not technically, but I do have all the same classes as you," he smirked.

    "How do you know my classes?"

    We walked into class and he said, "Oh, I have my way."

    I was just about to reply when the bell rang. Oh, I have my way? That didn't answer my question at all.

    "Class, please put your project on your desk," The teacher instructed. Project? What project? I had a sick feeling in my stomach. Oh right, that huge project which was a big part of our grade. That huge project which was sitting on my desk at home.

    "Julie?" the teacher stopped at my desk.

    "I forgot it," I mumbled.

    "You know I can't take it late," he said, "I'll give you an extansion, but the highest grade you would get is a B-"

    "Thank you," I said politely, but I was crying inside. Caitlin was always perfect, she always had an A on everything. She part of so many after school clubs, and her shelf is full of trophies. A "B-" might not be that bad to some people, but to me, it was horrible.

    After class, Seb walked with me to my next class. Or rather, our next class.

    "B- isn't that bad," he tried to cheer me up, but even he knew that it wasn't going to help.

    "Thanks," I murmured.

    We walked in silence for a few seconds until I couldn't help but ask, "So, you've met Liv."

    "Yah. She's nice," he didn't look at me.

    "And pretty," I added wearily.

    "Yah," he agreed.

    I felt frustrated inside. Did he think I didn't know he had a date with her?

    "And you've got a date with her," I finally managed to say.

    "I know," he replied, like it wasn't a big deal. "You're the one who said she was pretty and nice."

    I didn't reply right away. We got to our next class, and he sat down in the seat next to mine.

    "I just wanted to say that I'm happy for you guys." The words got caught in my throat, but I managed to spill them out.

    "You sound very happy," he teased.

    I decided to just ignore him. It was his decision anyways. I wasn't going to tell him who date and who to not date.

    "We'll be starting a project this week," the teacher, Mrs. Knies said, "You will work in pairs."

    Everyone started pointing to each other and whispering, already deciding who they wanted to be with.

    "I will choose your partners," she added. Everyone groaned.

    Mrs. Knies went down the list, stating who we'll be stuck with. Everyone who had already been called to pair up were the ones who hated each other. Mrs. Knies probably did that on purpose.

    "Julie and Seb," she called out. I snapped to attention.

    "Wait, what?"

    "There will be no complaining about who you're paired up with," she reminded me.

    I sighed and glanced at Seb.

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