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Jack quickly looked away from me, trying to hide his very obvious black eye.

I still had a firm grip on his arm, so he couldn't walk away from me. "What the hell happened?" I whispered, trying to look at his eye again, but he refused to let me see.

"It's fine, I just got into a fight with my neighbor last night. He was a bastard and punched me in the face. Now let, go." He growled.

I loosened my grip, allowing him to jerk his arm away and continue walking down the hallway.

I looked around to see a few people staring at me, not moving.

Apparently, everyone was shocked that Jack didn't try to beat me, he just walked away. I sure was, he usually would've found a way to get away from me right away, so why did he just let me grab him today?

My face turned red with embarrassment of so many eyes on me.

I quickly picked up my pace and walked to our first period class. I walked into the room to see Jack, his hood still up and his face down, sitting in the back corner that I usually sit at. I glanced at Felix, who was sitting in the opposite corner next to Marzia.

He met my gaze and shrugged, confused. I took Jack's usual seat, in the front of the room. It was the only seat open, otherwise I would have picked the seat as far back towards the corner that was open.

I kept glancing back towards Jack. He usually never paid attention in class anyway, but he would always prop his feet up and look around, making fun of people and flirting with girls.

Now he just sat silently, with his head faced down so nobody could see his face. His hands were in his pockets, barely any of his skin was showing.

I tried to think of who his neighbor was, remembering that it was a guy who was doing online college. He lived alone, and I'm pretty sure he just recently turned twenty.

Did Jack really try to fight this guy?

He's pretty buff, and Jack's pretty, well, not buff. Jack is strong and intimidating, but he is not buff and probably not strong at all compared to this guy.

I wonder if he got hurt anywhere else, considering he was hiding his arms and legs.

I glanced back at Felix to see he wasn't paying attention either, Marzia and him were passing notes. I sighed, glancing back over at Jack.

How did he manage to get in two fights in one day?

I definitely planned to ask him in science class, our extra science glass.

The bell rang, making all four of us jump. Felix, Marzia, Jack, and I.

We all rushed out of the classroom, heading to our next boring class.

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We all slowly piled into Mrs. Campbell's classroom, talking until she made us be quiet.

Jack took my spot again, so I just sat in the front. I didn't want to bother him, and it looked like he was having a bad day.

I think everyone else was surprised that he sat quietly in the back, while I sat in the front and occasionally glanced back towards him.

Thankfully, everyone just thought it was because of the fight.

However, everyone thought that I gave him the black eye, so no one was making fun of me so far today.

I'm guessing that Felix thought that too, and I would probably get a text from him later.

"Alrighty class, for today we are just going to get with our partners and talk about our project. If you have everything figured out and tested, then just have some random conversations."

Everyone got quiet, quickly moving to a different desk closer to their partner.

One of the desks in the back next to Jack opened up, so I ambled my way down towards him. I could tell that most people were watching us, but I didn't care anymore.

I sat next to him and cleared my throat. "We're still meeting up after practice on Thursday, right? To test our experiment?"

He nodded slowly.

"Okay, now we can talk about random shit." I said casually.

His head shot up to look at me. I swore on purpose, because he's not used to me swearing in school. Especially just out of the blue.

"Why did you get in a fight with that buff college dude?" I whispered.

He looked confused for a split second, before acting like he was deep in thought.

"I um, we were, pretty much I... kicked a ball, over the fence... he got mad and he, um, he came over to me and threw the ball at me. I got mad at him for throwing it, and I went to kick him and he punched me."

I cocked my head slightly.

"I'm stuttering because I don't like talking about it to people like you." I nodded, dropping it.

"Are you hurt anywhere else other then your face?" I mumbled awkwardly.

"Maybe, it's none of your business." He glared at me before dropping his head back toward the floor.

I looked around to see Charlotte and Henry staring at us. Charlotte looked away as soon as my eyes met hers, but Henry kept staring. I narrowed my eyes.

They were only a seat or two away from us, so they could hear me.

"Can I help you?" I snapped.

"No, I was just wondering what you guys were talking about. You seem to be doing an awful lot of whispering..." He smirked, trying to spark something in either one of us.

Apparently he was so desperate for a fight to break out, that he was doing this.

I ignored him and sat in silence beside Jack for the rest of the class.

"Don't talk to me tomorrow." Jack suddenly growled. I gulped quietly and nodded, not wanting to push his buttons.

As long as we were still on for Thursday, I didn't need to see him at all tomorrow.

We had everything figured out, I think.

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