Chapter 14 (Part One)

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3rd POV

It had been around 44 years since Y/N and Five have been stuck in the apocalypse which I believe we can all say was longer than expected. With both of their incredible knowledge and experience you would have expected them to be out of the horrible situation they're in. But they still walked the ashen grounds covered in dust and rubble from the past. (Author - that last sentence was so cringy but im keeping it in)

As for the other academy members, each were in vastly different situations. All of them had evolved from teenagers just starting to learn about the real world to adults stuck right in the middle of it.

To put it briefly, Luther's been in space for three years, Diego's trying to help out with cases at the police department, Allison's a divorced movie star with a daughter she can't see, Klaus has become addicted drugs, Ben's dead, and Vanya plays the violin for a living and teaches it.

That's about it. Oh but also, none of them have really spoken to their Dad in a while. I don't think you really need an explanation for that though.

Well I think I'll let Y/N take it from here.


Well you know how we said that it's not like we're gonna be stuck in the apocalypse for like 45 years? Well we're going on 44 years now. So 45 years doesn't really sound so crazy anymore.

Five and I are now 57 but still have the same personalities as we did when we first got here. There is one thing that is for sure. You don't age the best in the apocalypse. We're 57 and look like we're 65, no offense to us. But you look closely through Five's long silver beard, you can still make out his dimples.

Over the years wrinkles have taken over both of our faces. Five tells me I still look beautiful, but I don't see it. It still is nice though to have someone tell you that even if you don't feel the same way. I wish I could look as young as Delores, but sadly I'm not made of plastic.

Delores is my best friend. She's a bit shy though. Doesn't talk much. I'm just kidding. Thankfully the apocalypse hasn't made me go insane and make me actually think Delores is real. She is nice to I guess talk to though.

Five and I, I guess are kinda like husband-wife, maybe, I don't know. Labeling that seems kinda stupid, but we are still just as close as we were before we time-traveled and couldn't get back. We're a little closer than that now, as you know.

Okay, you guys are probably tired of my weird recap, so I'll get to the other stuff.

It was whatever day of the week at whatever time a day. Five and I realized that we couldn't stay in the same place forever. We had to try and find someone, something that could help us. Well as you can see, that didn't happen. We walked through rain, blizzards, raging winds, and scorching heat.

Luckily along the way we found one of those two seater bikes. We attached our wagon to that so we didn't have to walk around as long, carrying the heavy wagon. At least Delores didn't have to walk. She sat comfortably in the middle of the wagon in between some blankets.

We found another building that had been burned down with a few partially standing walls. This was bigger than the last one we had inhabited. Five and I would have more room to right down the calculations that we supposed to have gotten us out of this mess. But things do take time and it does bring us a step closer. One thing I learned from being here for so long is that you can't back down. Not from anything.

On the day everything went down, the weather had been a little hot, but not to the point we sweat our butts off. We trekked down the old highway covered in a mix of dust and dirt, giving a dusty beige color to the once grayish-black cement.

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