You Did This To Me -1-

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Okay Y'all..

Okay, The first few parts are slow though so bare with me.! This is my baby and if I dont get a lot of feedback I'll probs get discouraged and maybe stop writing. So PLEASE comment and all that jazz... Im begging you!!! Enough of me.

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-Part 1-

Andy's POV

Charlie decided we needed a girls night. Easier said than done apparently. I, we have completely different schedules and we barely see each other. To be honest I don't know how were still best friends.

We have been trying to arrange a night out for weeks and still have not come up with a date, so I've decided to go alone. Heck I need a drink, and a few random stranger dances could do me good. Flying solo sometimes had it's advantages.

I pulled my messy hair into a pony that cascaded down my back and put on the necessary mascara and gloss. I threw on a strappy dark purple dress and I walked out the door.

My favourite club was only two blocks from my downtown apartment, and the doorman was a friend of mine so entrance was always free. It was a bonus, though I would gladly pay any day.

Mike, the doorman at Rush, smiled as soon as he saw me.


"Hey Andy, long time no see. You look great!" I smiled and walked to the front of the line of people waiting to get in.

"Hiya there Mike! It has been awhile. Charlie always seems to be busy, but I decided screw it I'll come on my own. So how longs the wait to get in tonight?" He smirked.

"You know you never have to wait!" I could hear constant groans from the never-ending line of people waiting in the chilly air for a night of no commitments. I loved not having to wait.

"That's sweet of you Mike, how much is the cover charge? I can at least pay that." I smiled sweetly at him and watched as his lips curled back into a toothy grin.

"Andy, have I ever honestly let you pay? Now go in and enjoy your night out... Maybe get lucky for once."

"Ha ha. Very funny, you know I'm waiting for the right guy. Stop all your suggesting whenever you see me, when it happens it happens." Mike shrugged and moved aside granting me entrance to the booming club.

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The club lights flashed to the beat and I made my way slowly to the bar. Grabbing a bottled water I made my way to the dance floor.

Dance after dance was occupied by random men, all of them dreaming that they'd get farther than just that dance.

Ya right.

Two hours had passed and I had long since finished my water and move onto other drinks, all bought for me. I decided it was time I bought myself something and went over to the bartender. He was a nice looking guy, blonde hair brown eyes, not my type. I got my rum and coke, 90% rum I swear, from him and turn to get back onto the dance floor.

I really don't remember how it happened, I just remember standing there with an empty glass staring into the clearest, greenest, angriest eyes I have ever seen. Than I realised why he was so angry. My glass hadn't just emptied anywhere, it had poured itself all over his pale blue button up. Okay so I must have run into him and splashed him.

"Holy crap Red, watch where your going!" He was glowering at me while mouthing me off.

"I have a name!" That was all I got out before he continued on his little rant.

"Does it really look like I care what your name is? Just piss off okay."

I was so mad that I just walked off and set off towards home as he tried to scrub his shirt clean with a flimsy napkin.

What a moron.

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Chris' POV

The drycleaners couldn't get the coke stain out. That was a 150 dollar shirt! Now ruined because some beautiful dits walked into me. She really was beautiful. I couldn't get her strange eyes out of my head and that cute little pout she had while walking out of the clubs door.

I don't have time for beautiful though, I only have had time for one nighters these past few years. Commitment is just too much, and who wants to be committed to a ditz anyways.

Lunch, it was defiantly nearing lunch time. My stomach has been growling for about an hour now. I left the office and started down the street towards my favourite grocery store.

Andy's POV

I hadn't gone out since I was at Rush just over a week ago. I have been in a chick flick and sweat pants mood, but I was hungry to I had gone out grocery shopping- what a mistake that was.

I was standing in the fruit isle. There must have been five different types of apples and I had plopped myself in front of the golden delicious. I've always been the type of person to sort through the apples and pick the best. I hate bruises on fruit. I grabbed a few from the top, all nice. Four down, one to go. There was a juicy looking one near the bottom that I went for.

Just my luck, that juicy looking apple was apparently holding the whole stack in place. I watched as they all flew towards the floor almost making multiple people fall. Everything settled and the apples stopped rolling, no one had fallen, nothing broke.

I bent to start picking up the apples when I heard a man wailing, than I heard a really hard thump followed by a splat! I stood up with about seven apples in my arms and proceeded to drop them all as I looked on at the scene in front of me.

The man from that night at rush was laying on the ground staring at the ceiling. His head had landed on an apple and it had exploded all over him and the floor.


His stunned expression slowly faded as he was pushing himself up, only to be replaced with a pissed off one as he saw me. I felt as if my whole body shrunk into itself, as if it was trying to hide from the scolding that was sure to come.

It didn't come though. He had stood up, glared at me, and he walked away. Not a word said. Nothing. He just left me there stunned with an apology stuck to my lips.

What a jerk.

So now I'm sitting here in my apartment crying over a guy I don't even know and wondering why I'm so ditsy and intolerable. I have been alone for years. It's not that guys don't try, cause believe me they do. It just that as soon as they learn I don't want sex, they try harder till they realise I'm not just playing hard to get. I'm a virgin and I'm waiting. They all give up, and sometimes it just makes me want to change my life choice. I mean I'm so lonely, and anyways who has ever heard of a 22 year old virgin?

I started choking back tears. I'm not giving up now, I have come so far. When I was 13 a man had tried to rape me, thank God Charlie had walked in on time. We have been best friends since and I had vowed from than on I wouldn't take anything for granted.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun, pulled myself into my baggy sweats and an old t-shirt and I flopped into bed. It was only 3pm.

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