Chapter 25: D-Date...?

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-Hi! I was thinking about making this story something other than Nalu. Like, just kind of write what comes to mind, and see which ship wins. Should I? I think it could be fun for me because I won't even know which ship will win in the end, but I thought I would ask you all first, of course! But anyway, hope you enjoy Chapter 25!-



<><>After the Class before Lunch from Last Chapter (Does that make sense?)<><>

Lucy's P.O.V

I sigh, 'Do I really want this? Want him?'

"Hey, Lucy!"

I twist around and was met with an enormous blonde smile.

"I was wondering..." He starts

"Yeah, Sting?"

"W-Well...would you p-possibly want to...go t-talk...with me...outside...n-now?" He says, nervously scratching his neck with a faint blush.

'What does he want to talk about? Do I want to hear it? Is he going to confess?! IS HE?! I want that...?'

I look around and see Natsu talking with Gajeel. Lisanna and Levy approach the two males smiling.

"Hey, Natsu~!" Lisanna calls, latching herself onto Natsu's arm as Gajeel pecks Levy on the cheek.

I smile sadly to myself 'He has Lisanna. She did say something about liking him a while ago. He won't care'

"Um...Lucy? A-Are you ok?" Sting asks, snapping me back into reality.

"O-Oh yeah, sorry Sting. I-" I glance back over at Natsu and Lisanna. They're laughing and smiling, she's touching his arm and being all flirty. I sigh sadly and direct my vision back to the blonde male in front of me.

"I...would love to talk with you"

His face brightens, and his blush increases in color. "G-Great!" He clutches my hand and starts to drag me to an outside area of the school, where students are allowed to devour lunch.


I begin to unpack my lunch but a hand stops me. "I brought lunch!" He smiles

"Oh" Was my only answer

He unpacks excellently cut turkey sandwiches, a lot of fruit, CUCUMBERS, and those little yogurt-milkshake things. (*Gasp* THINGS!!!)~(Only people that went to my school will understand that)

He starts to prepare a plate for me, consisting of a turkey sandwich cut diagonally with strawberries and CUCUMBERS next to it. He places the plate down in front of me, shakes one of the shakes, opens it, and sets that down in front of me also.

I absolutely devour the DELICIOUS CUCUMBERS and take small, polite bites of the strawberries. I peer down at the plate and gently push it away.

He gives me a confused look and I answer his unspoken question "I'm allergic to gluten."

"Oh...I'm sorry" He stares down bashfully

"It's no problem, really"

" you want the yogurt?"

"I'm also allergic to dairy..."

"O-Oh...I really am so sorry"

"It's nothing. It happens a lot." (I actually am allergic to dairy...and gluten...and eggs...and soy...and pineapple, tomato, cats, dogs, poplar trees, 6 different types of mold, wool, and mouse urine)

"Well..." He takes a deep breath "Do you...d-do you w-want go on a d-date...with me?" He asks, his face such a deep red that it puts Erza's hair to shame (Why is it always Erza's hair...T~T)


My mind flashes to Natsu and Lisanna being all CUTE together, practically acting like a couple and I feel anger rise inside me.

"I...I would...I would love to Sting"


DANG IT!! SEVEN MINUTES INTO SUNDAY! SO CLOOOSE!! Anyway, hope this chapter was enjoyable! I might write another chapter right now, or start, but we'll see I guess!

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