Kuroo Tetsurou

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It’s over, yet the bitter ache hasn’t died down in your lower part. Your eyes are squinted, afraid to open up to his smug face. You know that on top of you is still hovering triumphantly Kuroo, the sneaky weirdo that took your virginity.

You feel the weight of his torso pull off yours, and you hear him panting softly as he dumps his body beside you.

You release the air you’ve been holding and uncover your (eye/c) orbs, blankly staring into the dark ceiling above. Your fingers travel across the sheets to reach for your underwear, but he seizes your wrists, transferring your hands over to his side of bed.

You roll over to face the raven-haired boy, who’s now holding your hands against his chin. He gives your backhand a soft kiss and gazes at you through his lashes, curiosity swims across his hazel eyes.

“Was I too rough?” He asks in a husky, guilty voice.

Blush crawls onto your cheeks and you hesitantly shake your head. Kuroo was aware of it being your first time, and as promised, he did whatever was in the range of his possibilities to make your first time unforgettable and less painful to remember.

“Sorry, I thought I got carried away at some point.” He nuzzles closer to you, holding you by waist. He buries the lower part of his face in the naked skin of your shoulder, planting leeching kisses on your collar bone.

You shudder, raising your head for his disobedient bedhead has been tickling your chin. A giggle flows through your lips and you hug his head to your chest.

“It did hurt at first,” You chirp into his scalp as he looks up at you, making your lips meet his forehead. “But I had decided from the start that if it was for you, I’d take it.” You smile through the welled-up tears in your eyes that have been blurring your vision for a while.

His fingers cross yours and he gives your hand a gentle squeeze. He shuts his eyes and lays the side of his head on your bust, capturing you in a tight embrace. “You didn’t make a sound, it’s okay to let your voice out, you know?” You hear a teasing tone in his muffled voice as a smirk grows on his face.

Crimson colour of embarrassment evades your face, you don’t know what to retort with and shyly duck your head instead.

“You’re adorable, (f/n).” He raises his head and yanks yours towards himself. Planting a soft kiss on the top of your nose, then engages your mouths. His lips move slowly across yours, his teeth dig into your lower lip and pull it gently. His hands reach your face and sweep the tiny pearls of tears off the corners of your eyes.

“When it hurts, you’ve gotta tell me and we’ll go slower, I won’t know otherwise.” He declares in a frustrated voice, a concerned mien replaces his cocky one.

You smile faintly and nod, slinging your arms around his neck. “I will ..next time.” You mumble sweetly when suddenly a confident smile stretches on Kuroo’s façade again. He rolls over, positioning you under him.

“So you’re giving me a green light?” He asks matter-of-factly and gives you one last kiss on the lips, it’s strong, deep and sensitive, and extremely difficult to break apart, but once it happens and you both catch your breath again, Kuroo hits the light switch beside the bed, making the lamps dim.

“Now sleep tight.” His voice purrs in your ear and he lies down, still holding you in a protective cage of his arms.

You relax, nestling up in your beloved one’s hug as you start to drift off into a sound slumber.

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