3: Oops. My Bad.

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"AHHHHHHHHHH." I scream, then took a sigh of relief.

"What's wrong hunny?" My mother said running in.

"Just a horrible dream." I said.

My mother also let out a sigh of relief.

"If there's a problem, let me know. Ok?" My mother said.

"Of course mother." I said nodding my head. And my mother walked out of the room. 

I had the worlds worst dream.

It was like me talking to Candice. Then next thing I knew it. I was pushed off the London bridge, and I was sinking and there was like ghosts haunting me. I hate having creepy dreams. 

If you say thats not creepy, dream it. Then tell me its not creepy.

I got dressed into a hoodie, sweatpants, and my uggs. With my hair in a bun. I grabbed my phone and headed over to Starbucks to get my morning coffee. I felt flashing lights toward me. I thought oh it was just the Autumn sun? 

"Kara." A women calls  behind me.

I turned around, it wasn't the Autumn sun, it was a cameraman taking photos. And one strange lady. "May I help you?" I ask confused.

"Yes. I have one question I need to know." The lady said.

"S-sure?" I said stuttering my words. Then my phone rang. Thank you phone.. "Hold on. I got to take this." I said as I turned around.

"Kara. It's Zayn." Zayn said.

"Whats up? I'm kind of stuck with creepy people.." I whisper into the phone.

"Oh. No. No." Zayn said into the phone. "Ignore the female, don't say anything. And when your done. I'm in front of your house. Alright love?" He said into the phone.

"Alright." I said as I melted from his dreamy voice. 

Kara. Snap out of yourself. Like god..

I hung up and turned around to face the strange lady and the two cameramen. "So." I said trying to smile.

"Creepy people?" She said with her arms crossed.

"I'm blind." I said with a shrug using that as my excuse. 

"Anyways, are you and Zayn a couple?" The lady asks.

"No.. Not that I know of?" I said confused.

"But weren't you two snogging yesterday?" The lady said.

"Oops. My Bad?" I said not knowing what to say. Then I turned around and speed walked to my house to find Zayn. 

"Wow. You must be famous." I said with a chuckle.

"Why?" He asks.

"We only hung out yesterday and all of Britain knows I talked to you!" I state rolling my eyes.

Zayn let out a quick laugh. "Want to go the park again?" He asks.

"Why not?" I reply and we walked over and sat on the bench. 

I explained what the creepy lady asked me, and what I replied too. 

"Opps my bad?" Zayn said while laughing.

"Well. I had nothing else to say!" I said raising my voice at him with a giggle.

"Kara." Zayn said.

"Zayn." I reply back.

"How would you feel.." Zayn said and paused.

I looked up at him. "How would I feel..?" I reply with a smirk.

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