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Jinie🌻: will they listen

Tea: ... no

Tea: of course not..

Tea: why would they

Tea: they have it all planned

Tea: this will be really beneficial for them and their name

Nayeon: ... rich people are weird

Hoebi: yup

Jimmy: couldn't agree more

Tea: I can't let my cousin and jinie do that just cos my parents don't know what love and happiness is

Jinie🌻: my mother told me that she will try to find a way cos she doesn't want that to happen either

Jeongyeon: ..so now what

Tea: so we wait and see

Jinie🌻: maybe they will change their minds

Nayeon: or they will forget it over time

Yoongi: they won't

Jinie🌻: :(

Jimmy: it's okay I don't think this will happen soon anyway

Jimmy: don't think about it you'll get stressed for no reason

Tea: baby did you sleep at all?

Jimmy: no

Nayeon: aren't you next to each other?

Jimmy: kook is sleeping we can't talk

Nayeon: aw:(

Hoebi: okay SO

Hoebi: the wedding resolution is that:

Hoebi: wait and see

Hoebi: or just ignore for now

Tea: yup

Jimmy: exactly

Jinie🌻: sounds good

Hoebi: alright so now...

Nayeon: you all have to go read what jeongy wrote

Jeongyeon: I didn't write the whole night just to have my storytimes ignored😤

Tea: okay I'm going

Yoongi: me too

Jinie🌻: me three

Namjohn: me four

Hoebi: great

Nayeon: hehehe


Tea: ....

Yoongi: .......

Jinie🌻: .........

Namjohn: ..............

Nayeon: what did you think???😃

Tea: um-

Yoongi: excuse me for a moment

Jeongyeon: tiny really just locked himself on the bathroom

Hoebi: should we let him or

Jeongyeon: he'll be fiiine

Jinie🌻: fuck

Nayeon: mood

Jinie🌻: fuckdycjfyckfyckfuck

Nayeon: jinie bby

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