1) They're Back

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So as you can guess i decided to continue this story. The first part is more like an prologue. This chapter is set 10 years later and there will probably be a few time jumps in the first few chapters.

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Zooming through the crowd of mothers, fathers and children my little bundle of joy ran straight at me as I knelt to her level and spread my arms.

“Mummy!!” she cried finally leaping into my arms.

“How was my princess’s very first day at school?” I asked over-exaggerating my question.

“It was great mummy, I sit in the green group!” she replied almost bursting with excitement. I smiled knowing green was her favourite colour.

My smile faltered as I rose from my crouching position to see familiar cold eyes staring right at me. The eyes of Daniel LeBruan - more commonly known as ‘Danny’.

I quickly grabbed Molly’s hand and without receiving too much notice subtly sped walked to my car. After making sure Molly was safely fastened in I quickly drove away from the school. Paranoid that he was following us I checked my rear view mirror every ten seconds.

How did he find me? Again? I was soo sure that when I moved, faked my death and changed my identity that ‘they’ would never find me. Guess I underestimated them.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway Molly jumped (quite literally) out the car and bounded into her Daddy’s arms.

James, or should I say ‘Robert’ as he also changed his identity, instantly noticed the worried look my face wore. As Molly pulled away from James’ hug and skipped into the house and up the stairs James embraced me in a hug, kissing the top of my head and soothingly rubbing my back.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

“…Danny..” I mumbled

“He’s back!? Are you serious!?”

“Of course I’m serious, you know FRINGE isn’t something I joke about and take lightly”

James pulled me into the house and sat us on the sofa with my head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around me.  Except from the rustle of Molly searching through her toy box upstairs the peace and quiet was working in calming me down. That was until the door rang.

I shot up, worry and fear pulsing through me. James carefully and quietly walked to the door and peered through the peep hole. Suddenly anger covered his features.

“Go upstairs and stay with Molly” he commanded in a monotone.

My heart almost stopped, only one person would make James tell me to do this at such a time and if you’re guessing Danny then you’d be correct.

Quietly as possible I rushed to Molly’s room. Pressing my finger against my lips to show I wanted her to be quiet I crept over to her and held her in my arms with my back against her bed.

I could very faintly hear talking becoming more and more louder until deafening crash sounded from the floor below. I winced, covering Molly’s ears and pull her tighter against me. A dead silence surrounded us when suddenly thunderous footsteps could be heard ascending the stairs.


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